Discuss at least One-way Services that are Designed to Encourage Older People: Aged Care Case Study Assignment, VU, Australia

University Victoria University [VU]
Subject Aged Care

Case Study Analysis

Question 1

Discuss at least one-way services that are designed to encourage older people to be independent and actively participate in society. Your discussion should include at least one positive or negative factor. (150 words)

Question 2

Explain a model of health service delivery in aged care. You can explain any model of your choosing, some examples are user pays healthy aging and people-centered care. (150 words)

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Question 3

Critique the model of health service delivery in aged care that you explained in question 2. Your critique should include how this model may support older people and at least one positive and negative factor of the model. (300 words)

Question 4

Australia has, in part, adopted a user pays system for aged care services. The Australian government provides funding for aged care services, yet consumers are often required to make a financial contribution to the care they receive. Discuss the political and ethical issues of a user contribution system in aged bare in Australia. (600 words)

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