Dementia Is A Term Used To Describe A Group Of Conditions Characterized: The Psychosocial Determinants Of Dementia Among Australian Woman Research Proposal, UON, Australia

University University of Newcastle
Subject The Psychosocial Determinants Of Dementia Among Australian Woman

Dementia is a term used to describe a group of conditions characterized by the gradual impairment of brain function. It is commonly associated with memory loss but can affect speech, cognition (thought), behavior, and mobility. An individual’s personality may also change, and health and functional ability decline as the condition progresses.

Dementia is a Burden increasing worldwide with the increasing geriatric population. The World Health Organization states that around a 55million people worldwide have Dementia, with more than 60% of the affected living in low and middle-income countries. This rate tends to increase with the increase in the older population to about 78 million in 2030 and 139 million in 2050.

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Dementia in Australia is increasing at a steady rate every year. Australian Bureau of Statistics states that Dementia rates have increased by 68.6% from 2009 to 2018. There is an estimate of 400,000 to 459,000 cases of dementia in Australia in 2020 with Alzheimer’s disease accounting for up to 70% of the cases. There were a recorded around 225,000 cases in 2010 and almost a two-fold increase of cases between 400,000 to 459,000 in 2020.

Women aged 65yrs or above, are at high risk for developing Dementia compared to men. Risk factors for the prevalence of Dementia in people are of a wide range including age, genetics, and Family History, which are unchangeable. Modifiable and preventable risk factors which increase the incidence of Dementia include Education levels, physical activity, social engagements, Smoking, alcohol intake, etc., which can be termed as behavioral and social risk factors. The psychosocial factors, which influence the incidence of Dementia, can be a wide range of factors such as Depression, Stress, Occupation, etc.

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This study predominantly focuses on the psychosocial risk factors, which cause or aggravate Dementia in Women in Australia. The increasing risk of Dementia in women is something, which can be controlled and be treated accordingly with the appropriate care and lifestyle modifications and help achieve a normal life like any other individual.

Dementia in Women in Australia is a major concern regarding Mental Health in the modern era, where the prevalence is almost doubling every decade. The most at-risk women population is the age group of 65yrs and above with almost 44.5 deaths for every 100,00 women affected in 2017 (Males: 36.8 for every 100,000). The growing concern is of the women aged 85yrs and above where the affected population the medical resources and caretaking for the population is most necessary. This study aims to identify the incidence of Dementia in Australian women and the factors that can be managed with the worsening of the Disease.

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