Define Sublimest Self-Study And Explain Its Purpose In Holistic Counseling: Sublimest Self Study Coursework, VU, Australia

University Victoria University [VU]
Subject Sublimest Self Study

1. Define ‘sublimest self-study’, and explain its purpose in holistic counseling.

2. Describe some of the psychological benefits of sublimest self-study.

3. What are the three key points underpinning effective sublimest self-study?

4. What are the purpose/s and benefits of writing spontaneously?

5. What are the purpose/s and benefits of writing deeply?

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6. Explain the relationship between free intuitive writing and the subconscious mind. Give four (4) examples of free intuitive writing.

7. Explain the importance of creating lists to the maintenance of psychological health.

8. Explain the similarities between meditation and (a) maps of consciousness, (b) guided imagery.

9. Explain the psychological importance of undertaking ‘altered points of view’ exercises.

10. Provide an example of your experimentation with one (1) of the sublimest self-study tools covered in this lesson.

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