CSE1SPX: Discuss The Important Social And Environmental Issues: Sustainability Practices Assignment, DU, Australia

University Deakin University
Subject CSE1SPX: Sustainability Practices

Task 1: Policy Scope

Complete all the items within heading 1. Policy Scope, as noted below;

1. Policy scope

1.1 Key stakeholders (ideally, chose only key stakeholders and prioritize them)

1.2 Responsibility or duty to act

1.3 Legislation mandating compliance (research, discuss, and cite relevant legislations)

1.4 Vision

1.5 Values

Task 2: Overview of the current situation, set goals for improvement and actions

Complete all items within headings 2, 3, and 4.

2.1 Discuss the important social and environmental issues the example business faces and how such issues affect local businesses.

3.1 List the goals for improvement. (Ensure they are in the S.M.A.R.T. format)

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3.2 Search for potential social partnerships with other local/national businesses to solve the social and environmental issues.

4.1 Discuss all the possible sustainability practices and Actions that the example business and its partners could implement to solve some of the social and/or environmental issues in the community. (Ensure you create an Action Plan Table).

Task 3: Communication and review

Complete all the items within the heading 5

Communication and review, as noted below.

5.1 Roles and responsibilities – Explain key roles and responsibilities for staff. Ensure you use a “Responsibility Matrix’. You can make up names for the position.

5.2 Competence training and awareness – Discuss the required training and how it is documented and updated.

5.3 Communication with stakeholders – Explain how is the sustainability policy
communicated to stakeholders? And identify potential barriers to the successful communication and implementation of the example business’s sustainability policy and how it will overcome them.

5.4 Make recommendations to the example business on how it can improve its engagement with sustainability.

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Task 4: Monitoring and compliance

Complete all the items within heading 6

6.1 Note how the sustainability policy is reviewed and evaluated for compliance.

6.2 Explain the importance of continuous improvement and how it is achieved. Can discuss relevant CSR framework elements.

Task 5: Reference list

Complete all the items within heading 7

7.1 Include a list of sources accessed in the research of your policy. These can include websites, reports, textbooks, journal articles etc.

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