Critically Apply Relevant Legal And Ethical Principles To Future Health Care: Professional Transition Essay, USA, Australia

University UniSA
Subject Professional Transition

Course Objectives assessed:

1. Critically apply relevant legal and ethical principles to future health care practice situations at the level of a beginning Registered Nurse

2. Interpret, analyze and apply the nursing scope of practice in health-related scenarios

3. Examine clinical leadership principles in nursing practice

4. Engage in the critical discussion which explores the relationship between professional identity, role conflict, and role boundaries

5. Interpret, analyze and explain professional formation through linking theoretical concepts of caring to clinical practice environments and lifelong learning.

6. Apply exemplary communication in digital technologies and therapeutic relationships working with, and leading interprofessional teams in care decision-making practices

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Task Details

1. Reflect on your experiences as a student working with a Registered Nurse (RN) whilst on clinical placement where poor clinical leadership left you feeling undermined or diminished in your capacity to uphold your professional responsibility and ask yourself “What key attributes and challenges did I identify in preparation for my role as a graduate registered nurse to overcome conflict arising in teams. What strategies do I need to learn more about to effectively uphold my professional and clinical leadership responsibilities?”

2. Reflect on your experiences as a student working with an RN whilst on clinical placement where a staff member inappropriately shared patient clinical information on social media and ask yourself “What do I identify as the ethical and professional responsibilities of an RN when using Social Media platforms for personal and professional use. What strategies do I need to learn more about to effectively maintain digital citizenship positively once I graduate as an RN?”

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