CPCCBC5018A: You are to Organise and Oversee the Demolition of the existing Building The Demolition will be Carried out With a Small Team of Carpenters Using the Controlled Deconstruction Method: Apply structural principles to the construction of medium rise buildings Assignment, VU, Australia

University Victoria University [VU]
Subject CPCCBC5018A: Apply structural principles to the construction of medium rise buildings


The builder you work for has been selected to undertake the design and construction of a commercial building project. Your first job as the building site supervisor is to organise and oversee the demolition of the existing building. Once all of the approval for the new building are arrange you will then supervise the construction of the new building.

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The site

Is an allotment on the corner of Main and Second streets and is in one of the quieter outer suburbs of Brisbane. The site adjoining the Main St frontage is a 2 storey shop building constructed from face bricks with a steel sheet roof. This shop is built directly on the southern boundary. Adjoining the site on the Second St frontage there is a 2 storey timber clad house with a steel sheet roof. This house is built with a 6m setback from the front and is approximately 5m away from the eastern boundary of the project site.

The existing building

The existing building on the site is a single storey all timber commercial building typical of those built in the 1960s with a pitched galvanised sheet steel roof and timber suspended floor on concrete stumps. The floor is set 2 steps above the Second Street footpath and steps down along Main Street so that entry to the five shops on that frontage is approximately 2 steps high. There is a 3.6m wide awing covering the footpath along the entire frontage supported on 100×100 timber posts just inside the street kerb and channel at the edge of the footpath.

The existing building contains the following shops:

  • children’s clothes shop
  • chemist
  • newsagency
  • doctors surgery (includes an x-ray room)
  • café / restaurant

Services and Utilities

Electricity and telephone are available along both street frontages from overhead poles approximately 30m from the corners of the two streets.

Water can be obtained with a new tapping on either street footpath.

Sewerage connection is available by direct connection to an end of line manhole located 1.5m from both boundaries in the southeast corner. The sewer line runs south from the manhole and parallel to the east boundary on the neighbouring allotment.

Simple site plan

Provided below is a simple site plan which was drawn after the builder conducted a site investigation. It provides the size of the existing building and the reduced levels (RL’s) that were taken on the site. Finally, the site plan shows the position of the boreholes which were dug during the geotechnical investigation. On the following page is an excerpt from the Geotechnical report showing the on-site observations of the boreholes

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Assessment 1  


As the site supervisor, you are to organise and oversee the demolition of the existing building. The demolition will be carried out with a small team of carpenters using the controlled deconstruction method ( sequential demolition)  The building contains many timber members and timber features which are in good condition and considered valuable, so these will be reclaimed/recycled and sold.

Task 1.1

You are to write a summary of approximately 300 – 500 words detailing the legislative requirements needed in relation to items such as qualifications, licenses, certificates, etc. needed by the personnel. Also consider the permits, notifications, etc. needed to meet current regulations or by-laws.  Use the dot points below to compile your summary:

  • Qualifications licences
  • Local government requirements (Notifications and Permits)
  • WHS Codes of practice issues
  • Disconnection of services
  • Required plant and equipment
  • Disposal Dangerous materials
  • Notifications and Disposal

For this kind of demolition, A licence is required to undertake this demolition work. A PCBU who controls the workplace, who may be a principal contractor or demolition contractor, will need to seek advice from the local WHS regulator or building regulator about whether the demolition contractor or another person undertaking the demolition work requires a licence for the work to be undertaken. Depending on the type of work being done there may be a need for persons to hold the relevant licence, for example, to carry out asbestos removal work, high-risk work, or use of explosives (in this case).

Under section 10 of the Building Act 2011, any person demolishing a building or part of a building/structure must ensure that they obtain a Demolition Permit from their local government authority prior to the commencement of any demolition works. I also need the Worksafe registration, confirmation of any retaining structure that is remaining on-site at the work completed.

Task 1.2

You are to prepare a demolition sequence of approximately 300 – 500 words. You should focus on describing the demolition process and precautions. The description should include the structural principles that may affect the demolition process.

Describe any special precautions you would need to consider during the demolition ie temporary bracing of walls to prevent collapse. Describe any special safe work practice related to the plant and equipment you will use It is recommended that you look at the Supplementary Resources in Connect and refer to the Demolition Work – Code of Practice to assist you in answering this question.

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