CPC50210: Research/Access The NCC And Record Four Levels Of The NCC: Diploma Of Building And Construction Building Assignment, VU, Australia

University Victoria University [VU]
Subject CPC50210: Diploma Of Building And Construction Building


Learning Activity 1 – NCC

1. Research/access the NCC and record four (4) levels of the NCC and state which sections are mandatory and which sections are for guidance only.

Learning Activity 2 – Classification of buildings

Research and identify the building classifications for the type of building listed below:

LevelMandatory or Guidance

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Learning Activity 3 – Alternative solutions

Refer to Section 3.1.1 earthworks of the NCC. What are the two(2) performance requirements that any alternative solution must comply with as a proposal, and describe their relevance?

Type of Building
Classification of Building
3 bedroom single story home
4 bedroom 2 story home
5 x 3 bedroom two story residences
6 x 2 story villas
10 story building – 1st floor retail, 2nd floor office fit-out,

3rd – 10th floors apartments.

Gymnasium (in a school)
Multi-story hotel – inclusive of kitchens, restaurant, laundry
Boarding house – 10 bedrooms
Dormitory building in university grounds
Railway goods yard machinery shop
Multi-story car park

Learning Activity 4 – Performance requirements& standards

1. What documentation are you required to complete and identify in accordance with NCC requirements?

2. Quote the appropriate standard number and description for the following domestic low-rise building activities.

ActivityAustralian StandardNumber and yearAustralian Standard Name
Clearing of Site
Drainage and Plumbing
Frame – walls
Frame – roof
Facia and gutters
Roofing – cladding
Plumbing rough in
Electrical rough in
Plaster internal linings
Fix out
Fit off – plumbing
Carpet and Floor finishes
Swimming pool

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