CPC50210: List The Eight Important Sources Of Information That Can Assist In The Hazard Identification Process: Diploma Of Building And Construction Assignment, VU, Australia

University Victoria University [VU]
Subject CPC50210: Diploma Of Building And Construction


Question 1: List the eight (8) important sources of information that can assist in the hazard identification process.

Question 2: What are the key factors that contribute to different workplace environmental and structural hazards. List any eight (8).

Question 3: Answer the following questions:

1. What are different sources of OHS information external to the workplace? List any five (5).

2. What is the purpose of internal sources of information?

3. How would you access the internal and external sources of information at the workplace?

Question 4: What is the duty of the following individuals/parties in the context of risk management, under OHS regulations:

1. Designers, manufacturers, importers, and suppliers

2. Company directors

Question 5: In a workplace, how do the factors such as language, literacy, and cultural profile effects occupational health and safety (OH&amp’S)? How does this present challenge to the employer to implement duty of care obligation?

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