CPC5002100LSP: We Are Pleased To Provide A Report On Our Investigations: Site Investigation Report, UQ, Australia

University University Of Queensland (UQ)
Subject CPC5002100LSP: Site Investigation


We are pleased to provide a report on our investigations undertaken at the above site to determine the ground conditions so that recommendations could be made on suitable foundation types and design parameters for the proposed Commercial development.

This report outlines footing recommendations to satisfy AS3600 in accordance with the National Construction Code Series Volumes One and Two – Building Code of Australia.


6 Boreholes were drilled at Lot. The Engineering Logs are attached as part of this report. The location of the boreholes placed is described on the Borehole Location Plan provided.


During our investigation, an assessment of this site and the surrounding terrain was carried out to determine the Wind Classification Design Speed. Based on calculations using the Pro-forma Design Sheet, DC1.2 as a guide, the Wind Classification Design Speed for this site has been determined as 33m/s (N2).

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This property is not in a designated Bushfire Prone area.


The site is located in an area of sedimentary clay.


The soil profile and condition in each borehole is described on the Engineering Logs attached.


The site is classified as CLASS H in accordance with NCC General Definitions due to existing filling on this site. A characteristic surface movement (ys) in the range of 60mm to 75mm has been estimated for this site.

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8.1 Timber Floor System

There are no recommendations for a strip and/or pad footing system at this site.

8.2 Concrete Slab Floor System

Strip Footing, pad footing, and slab on ground. The use of a rigid Slab founded directly onto the compacted fill is not recommended.

This recommendation assumes that the depth of any new leveling fill will be less than 500mm and be compacted in accordance with the requirements of AS3600 The footings and slab should have a minimum of Class H2 general dimensions. In addition to the minimum requirements for a Class H2 waffle raft, additional edge beam reinforcement will be required to the top of all beams, and depending on the final loading of the proposed structure widening of the slab beams may also be required. The slab and footings should be designed to withstand long-term differential settlement of the filling equivalent to a hypothetical loss of support of 1.5m in diameter occurring anywhere under the footing.

Once the site has been scrapped and all vegetation, organic topsoil, roots, and loose surface fill have been removed, an allowable bearing capacity of 80kPa will exist at the surface.

Where pipes connect to the slab, flexible joints are to be incorporated to accommodate a total range of differential movement of 75mm in any direction. Allowance should also be made for differential movement by sleeving or taping pipes with foam to allow 40mm radial clearance.

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