Correlation between Natural Disasters and Financial Markets Risks and Returns in South Asia: Capital Markets Assignment, OU, Australia

Subject Capital Markets

Assignment Title:

“Correlation between natural disasters and financial markets risks and returns in South Asia”

Suggestions for what to include in the annotation for each paper

1. The purpose of the paper and its findings – including any hypothesis
2. The theoretical position of the author – may be explicit or implicit [e.g. world views/theoretical position]
3. The type of research [e.g. scientific, naturalistic, interpretive]
4. The research method [e.g. experiment, survey, etc]

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5. The usefulness/validity of the results
6. What further research areas are suggested
7. Contribution to your field of research
8. Relevance to your specific research
9. Relationship to other papers in the annotated bibliography

In summary, the annotations should summarise the content of the papers, indicate the relevance to your research, interconnect between each other. That is, if one paper builds on the work done in another, confirms or refutes the results of some other research you should say so.

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