Conduct a skills analysis List all of the skills, knowledge, and qualities that you consider you have on the Professional Development Plan format: Early Childhood Education Assignment, UOS, Australia

University University Of Technology Sydney(UTS)
Subject Early Childhood Education
  • Conduct a skills analysis. List all of the skills, knowledge, and qualities that you consider you have on the Professional Development Plan format. These are your identified strengths. Then using the job description as a reference, list the skills and or knowledge that you know, or think, need to be developed further. These are your identified skills and areas for improvement or potential areas of development.
  • Briefly describe how you identified their strengths and skills or areas to develop further and how they relate to key performance indicators of their own work role. Select one skill or area you would like to develop further during your Work Placement. One skill or area I would like to develop is: Briefly describe the discussion you had with your WP Supervisor; include the advice you received as to the suitability of the skill or area you chose and how it reflects service expectations.
  • Liaise with your WP Supervisor to identify, prioritize and plan two activities or strategies that would help you develop the skill or area identified. These activities can be simple activities that would assist you to develop in the area you have identified. For example, read a service policy to find out a specific procedure; practice telling a story to a family member to gain confidence reading to a group of children; write down the names of children and family members to try to memorize these.
  • Implement your plan: Add your professional development activities to your Work Plan to ensure you implement them throughout your Work placement.
  • Mid-way evaluation Halfway through your work placement reflect on how you are progressing towards developing your identified skill or area for improvement, answer all of the following questions: What skills or learning have you achieved so far? Are the activities/strategies effective or do you need to reconsider and make changes to these? How did you approach your WP Supervisor to gain their feedback? What feedback have you received and acted on from your WP Supervisor? How has your learning met service requirements and job specifications? Will you make any changes or additions to the plan?
  • Final evaluation Evaluate your progress towards meeting your identified skill or area. Include feedback gained from your Workplace Supervisor regarding your performance and growth during your placement. What skills or learning have you achieved, did you develop the skill or area you identified? Were the activities/strategies implemented effective or would you make changes to these if you continued to work on the identified skill or area? What feedback do you receive from your WP Supervisor at the end of your work placement?
  • Professional development activity At the end of work placement, identify a professional development activity that you could engage in to continue to work towards developing your skill or area for improvement. You could ask your WP Supervisor for a suggestion or search for suitable professional development opportunities on the Internet for your local area.

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