COMR2002: Matilda is a not-for-profit private education organization. It provides online education in farming anywhere in the world: Business Information Systems, Case study, TUA, Australia

University Torrens University Australia (TUA)
Subject COMR2002: Business Information Systems
  • Assessment Task

This assessment aims to assess the student’s ability to solve business problems using database design tools and software. It also aims to enable students to think about the impacts of using IT in Businesses and communicate key issues through a written report.

Many companies depend on the accurate recording, updating, and tracking of their data on a minute-to-minute basis. Employees access this data using databases. An understanding of this technology allows business professionals to perform their work effectively. Please refer to the Task Instructions for details on how to complete this task.

  • Case Study
  • Background of Matilda

Matilda is a not-for-profit private education organization. It provides online education in farming anywhere in the world. Most of their students are from outback areas of Australia, Papua New Guinea, and New Zealand.

Matilda wants to engage and work in partnership with communities, industries, and businesses. It seeks to provide multiple learning experiences and opportunities to enrich the learning journey of its students. TWI prides itself on being an inclusive provider, offering higher education to people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience it. To this end, many of its students have their fees paid partially or fully by the Australian, PNG, or New
Zealand government.

One of their projects is called Project “HR DATABASE”. The following are the stages:

  1. Stage: Develop HR Database System for the Academic Staff
  2. Stage: Extend the Database system to include administrative Staff
  3. Stage: Develop a prototype data mart for the HR System that will be used as a basis for developing the data warehouse for the entire university.

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You have been assigned to develop stage 1 of their project.

  • Matilda has used spreadsheet software to maintain and monitor its employee information. Its human resource (HR) department is currently struggling to get the updated information of its entire academic and administrative staff. The HR manager maintains the following spreadsheets:
  1. Employee information (Employee ID, Title, First Name, Middle Name, Last
    Name, Birthdate, Street Address, City State, Postal Code, Phone Number,
    Mobile Number, Date Hired, Date Terminated, TFN, Department, Location)
  2. Timesheet for teaching staff (name of staff, hours worked per week, type of
    work, (e.g., online facilitation, assessment marking, consultation), hourly rate,
    subject name, number of students)
  3. List of subjects that teaching staff are approved to teach (name, list of subjects)
  4. Information about the teaching staff (name, location, contact details, status
    (part-time, full-time, sessional)
  5. Administrative staff information (name, position, status (part-time or full-time)
  6. Teaching staff and administrative staff leave/absence spreadsheet (name of
    staff, position, status, no of leave allowed, no of sick leave allowed, dates of leave/absences, type of leave, remaining leave, remaining sick leave, paid/not
    paid leave, status (approved or not)
  7. Staff Professional Development Activities (name of staff, date of activity, type of activity, description of activity, report submitted, funding type)

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