CHCLEG001: Name The Four Documents Which Make Up The Guide For Your Legal Requirements: Work Legally And Ethically Assignment, VU, Australia

University Victoria University [VU]
Subject CHCLEG001: Work Legally And Ethically


1. Name the four documents which make up the guide for your legal requirements as an Early Childhood Educator.

2.For each of the above please advise where they can be located

3.For each of the above legal documents, provide a summary of their contents and meaning.

4. Describe what each of the below means in your work role and provide an example of how you demonstrate this in your service.

5. Provide 5 examples of policies and procedures that you regularly follow in your work role which outline your legal responsibilities.

6. List four legal rights an educator has in the workplace.

7. What is the name of the documents which provide information about the legislation relevant to the employment conditions of an employee?

8. What document, provided to you on employment, guides you on the key objectives and components of your job role?

9. What are the legal requirements for an early childhood educator in reference to maintaining and continuing professional education

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