CHCECE016: What Documentation Do Parents Need To Supply In Relation To Health: Establish And Maintain A Safe And Healthy Environment For Children Assignment, VU, Australia

University Victoria University [VU]
Subject CHCECE016: Establish And Maintain A Safe And Healthy Environment For Children

Task 1: Written Assessment

Part 1

1. What documentation do parents need to supply in relation to health requirements, need, and routines when enrolling their children. Physical routine, personal details, immunization record, toilet habits, nappy, feeding, blue book

2. Scenario

Sarah, 4 years old, is about to enrol at your service. Sarah has been diagnosed with epilepsy. Answer the following questions:

 a) Write a list of questions you would ask to ensure Sarah’s safety at the center.

General information (Medication record, Seizure records, General support needs document, Epilepsy diagnosis (if known)) Has emergency epilepsy medication been prescribed?

If yes, the medication authority or emergency medication plan must be attached and followed*, if you are specifically trained Date of doctor`s instructions Emergency contact person(s)

Epilepsy diagnosis and details (type of seizure, know triggers, seizure pattern (what happen before, during and after)

Epilepsy medication (name, does, time given, form of administration)

Date of last seizure, type of last seizure, did an ambulance attend?

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b) What relevant authorities do you need to consult with to ensure health information is current in relation to epilepsy?

Current information, action plan, GP doctor,

Complete a Medical Management Plan for Sarah using the Epilepsy Australia website

c) How would you ensure that this is readily available at your service?

In child folder, update every year but in fact every 2 or 3 months

d) Sarah has a Tonic-Clonic Seizure whilst at the center. An ambulance was called and Sarah was taken to hospital. Complete ACECQA’s Notification of Serious incident form located on the ACECQA website.

e) Identify 2 strategies you would use to communicate with the family about Sarah’s health needs.

The phone call, email, take voice message, have to fill the form Notification of serious incident

Part 2: Providing Information to Families

Write a 2-page center newsletter or blog for families which must cover the following topics:

1. Remind parents of a recent break out of chickenpox at the service and provide them with relevant information on what to look for and how to treat it.

2. Information about how they can support hygiene procedures at the center.

3. Child and adult immunization recommendations.

4. Detailed Information about an excursion occurring soon (where to, when, transport, etc.).

5. Information about the services’ emergency procedures (remind them that the policy is available to view).

6. Information about incident management plans, for example, reminding parents to update information regarding their child’s individual health needs.

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