CHCAGE001: What are the different stereotypes, attitudes, and myths about the older person: Facilitate the empowerment of older people Assignment, AHIC, Malaysia

University Australian Harbour International College (AHIC)
Subject CHCAGE001: Facilitate the empowerment of older people


1. What are the different stereotypes, attitudes, and myths about the older person? How does social devaluation impact their quality of life?

2. How can you recognize and respect Mr. Zappala’s social, cultural, and spiritual differences?

3. Consider you a support worker working in an aged care home. How can you maintain the confidentiality and privacy of your client in accordance with organizational policy and protocols? Answer the questions in the space provided below.

4. Consider yourself in the role of an aged care worker in a residential facility working with a person to identify the physical and social impact on their health and provide a response to the following questions

a) What are some common physiological, chronic, and age-related conditions that older people may experience?

b) How does the aging process affect sexuality and gender issues?

c) Listusing bullet points the common age-related changes that occur in the following Body systems

Case Scenario 

Today you have been given a client who has been receiving care and support from your organization for 5 years, from the same support worker, but the Support worker has just finished working with your organization.  You have read over your new client’s care plan. Mr. Zappala has been living independently for many years, with the help of his sister. The previous support worker informed you that his sister, who he sees every week, had suddenly passed away.

Today he seems distant, and not able to communicate clearly, often speaking in his first language, Italian, which is apparently not in his character. There is a very bad smell in his home, and you notice that there are some heavy boxes in the hallway that make it difficult to get to the bathroom easily.

He seems to not be so clear in his responses and communication, and he does not get up and make a cup of tea for you both as he usually likes to do. You are concerned about his health and safety.  You make a cup of tea for you both and sit and talk with him. While you are in the kitchen, you notice that the element on the stove is on but nothing on it. You also have a mild slip in the kitchen from a puddle of water.

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