CHCADV001: Using The Care Plan In The Resource Library, You Will Need To Explain To Your Assessor: Facilitate The Interests And Rights Of Clients, QU, Australia

University Queensland University
Subject CHCADV001: Facilitate The Interests And Rights Of Clients

Activity 1 A

Using the Care Plan in the Resource Library, you will need to explain to your assessor and the ‘client’ the rights and responsibilities of the parties working with the client (for example, working according to the care plan, providing a certain service, allowing the client to make decisions for themselves).

You will need to speak in a friendly manner and seek to ensure and confirm understanding by adapting your style of communication to suit the situation.

Activity 2A

You will be required to perform an assessment on a client; you should assess whether the client is able to advocate for their own needs. You should work ethically to ensure the client is treated fairly and with respect throughout the duration of the assessment.

You will need to:

  • Read the information that is available on the client to form a basic understanding of their situation and needs
  • Speak with the client to determine their ability to participate with their own care needs
  • Ask the client questions to determine their level of participation (as necessary).

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Activity 2B

Following on from Activity 2A, discuss with the ‘client’ the strategies that could be used to address their rights and needs.

Working together, negotiate a preferred strategy and write this down

Activity 3A

Working with your client from Activities 2A, 2B, and 2C; discuss and document the client’s rights and personal preferences for their situation.

You should support the client to exercise their rights and encourage them to confirm their preferences in regards to services and supports.

You should also ensure that:

  • The client is not put in a situation where they may be unsafe to themselves or others
  • The client is able to make decisions on their care (wherever possible).

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Activity 3B

As a role-play, you will participate in a workplace consultation to discuss client interests, rights, and needs and how these can be achieved within the realms of an organization.

The assessor will act as the supervisor, for directing discussions and to ensure all points are covered.

Activity 4A

You must explain the following organizational complaints mechanism to a client wishing to make a complaint. All clients have a right to have their needs met and to be able to complain when a service does not meet expected standards; this is a legal requirement.

(Note: you should first read the following and research your state’s/territory’s complaints authority, to determine the timeline for assessing a complaint and to provide any other further details to the client, as needed.)

The complaints system:

  • To lodge their complaint with the service provider – in the first instance, the client must speak to their service provider contact to resolve the problem; the service provider will work with the client to seek an agreeable solution.
  • If the problem cannot be resolved with the service provider, a complaint should then be made to the appropriate authority’s complaints scheme (for example, your state/territory health complaints commissioner); this may be done in writing or by telephone (depending on the authority’s complaints procedures)
  • The authority will send an acknowledgment of the complaint to the client; they will assess the matter within a stated period of time (for example, forty days) and seek to achieve a resolution, this will include:
    • informing the service provider and seeking a response on the matter from them
    • investigating complaints related to institutional issues
    • referring the matter to a conciliator (to work with both parties)
    • dismissing the matter after it has been addressed and no benefit is made with the continuation of the process.

You should ensure the client is aware of this process and any other aspects relating to their rights and responsibilities.

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Activity 5A

The client’s complaint has been assessed, and it is found that the client was correct in their judgment; they were misinformed and should be provided with the option for further services. You should inform the client of this outcome and discuss the additional services that can be provided to them for their specific needs.

You should allow the client to determine which services they would like to use and document the decisions that are made.

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