BSBSMM201: Give 3 Examples Of Workplace Documents You May Use To Gather Information About The Business: Communication In The Workplace Assignment, UA, Australia

University University of Adelaide
Subject BSBSMM201: Communication In The Workplace

Written Question

1. Give 3 examples of workplace documents you may use to gather information about the business, its offerings, or tasks for the day or shift.

2. List 5 barriers to effective communication

3. Give 3 examples of how you can use listening and speaking skills to overcome communication barriers.

4. List 6 sources of information (internal or external) you can use to research business ideas or approaches.

5. Identify  two organizational policies  and/  or  procedures  that  affect  each  of  the following areas of communication:

a) Communication Type

b) Relevant policies and procedures

6. List 3 rules to good quality written communication.

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