BSBPMG515: Plan human resources relevant to projects  Determine resource requirements for individual tasks to  determine: Project Management, SCU, Australia

University Southern-Cross-University-SCU
Subject BSBPMG515: Project Management
  • Section 1 Plan human resources relevant to projects  Determine resource requirements for individual tasks to  determine required project personnel levels and competencies:

Determining resource requirements

First, you should break down your project into individual tasks. This will help you to discover the resource requirements; not only material needs, but time and financial needs. There will be wide differences in the individual tasks required for a project due to the varying industries and areas that a project that can be created.

  • Case study
    For this reason, I will be using a case study to demonstrate the managing of human resources. This will be a digitization project and involves transcribing from social-historical documents such as diaries, scrapbooks, cookbooks, etc., and digitizing both document and transcription so that they are accessible for the special collections department of a university library. This project will involve the public donation of documents to be scanned and used as resources for the library.
  • The main individual tasks involved with this may include:
  1. Advertising for donations to be made
  2. Researching and gathering of the documents ready for transcription
  3. Transcribing the documents
  4. Scanning documents onto a computer
  5. Saving the documents to a database/folder ready for use.

To break down a task you should first describe it and all the activities needed to be able to complete the task. Then look at the order of those activities and decide if they have dependencies. You can then look at the resources that you need for each individual task

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