BSBPMG430: List five project management tools and explain their use in project management: Undertake project work Assignment, Australia

Subject BSBPMG430: Undertake project work

Part A

Task summary

You are required to answer all of the following questions. You need to answer all of the written questions correctly. Generally, you are expected to write a response one or two paragraphs long. Please answer the questions using word processing software.

Provide answers to all of the questions below:

1. List five project management tools and explain their use in project management.

2. Outline three types of documents and sources of information that are used to define the parameters of a project.

3. Explain the importance of planning for risks in a project and list three processes that can be used to identify risks as part of a risk assessment process for a project.

4. Explain the importance of a risk management plan in identifying and managing risks for a project.

5. Explain the process of risk avoidance in project management.

6. Explain the use of risk mitigation strategies in project management.

7. Explain the concept of risk acceptance in project management.

8. Explain the importance of the following processes and procedures to guide effective and efficient project management.

a. quality assurance
b. human resources
c. budgets and finance
d. recordkeeping

Part B

Task summary

In the role of Marketing Coordinator of a fictitious company, the student will review information about a case study company, and then meet with the Operations Manager to discuss the required project. The student will then develop a project scope document and project management plan.


  • Access to textbooks/other learning materials
  • Computer with Microsoft Office and internet access
  • Space for a meeting
  • Project Scope Template
  • Project Management Plan Template
  • Project Management Policy and Procedures
  • Risk Assessment Legend.

Native Bush Spices Australia is based in Coffs Harbour, NSW.

The business was established in 2010 to cater for a demand for Australian native food products. The company has organic certification.
The company manufactures and retails a range of organic, Australian native foods including:

  • Native herbs and spices
  • Native herbal teas
  • Native fruit jams and conserves.
    Currently the business is selling its products through a number of small supermarkets and health stores throughout Australia. The company also has a very basic website that includes four pages: home, about us, products and contact details.

The company’s overall business objectives for the next three years are to increase sales and create brand awareness, develop a broader product range, as well as expand into overseas markets, most likely Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore.

The company’s target customers are those that enjoy gourmet foods.
The age range of Australian consumers buying products is between 35 and 65. Most consumers are health conscious, care about protecting the environment and have an average annual income of $80,000.

The company currently employs the following staff in its head office: CEO, Operations Manager, Marketing Coordinator, Customer Service Officer and two administration staff.

Ten staff are employed in the factory making and distributing the products.
As the Marketing Coordinator, you have been asked by the Operations Manager to coordinate a project to develop a new website. The Operations Manager is ultimately responsible for the management of the project but has assigned significant responsibility to you. The new website is seen as a critical part of the company’s expansion strategy, and the Operations Manager has
advised that you will need to develop a project scoping for the website to present to senior management, as well a project management plan.

The Operations Manager has also advised you that the new website is classified as a Medium Project. The project team is to consist of yourself, the Customer Service Officer who has been assigned to assist you with this project, and the Operations Manager.

The Operations Manager has advised that the website is to include a shopping cart, so customers can order products directly through the website. He would also like customers to be able to access recipes and general information about the health benefits of bush spices.

The company has long wanted to commission a new logo, and it has been decided to do this now, in conjunction with the new website. The Native Bush Spices marketing team will then use the logo across all of the company’s communication. It has been allotted a budget separately from the website, but it is understood that the company that designs the website will also design
the new logo too.

The company has established procedures for project management. These are documented in the Project Management Policy and Procedures.

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