BSBMGT616: Database Design Development And Performance Enhancement: Develop And Implement Strategic Plans Case Study, SU, Australia

University Sydney University
Subject BSBMGT616: Develop And Implement Strategic Plans

Assessment 1: Written Report

Database developers and design

Database design development and performance enhancement from Melbourne, Australia. We design and build high-performance and fast database models for business. We can model all different types of databases and come up with a design application that suites your business type.

Databases with good design and development are a significant asset and are the lifeblood of your business – customer lists, product lists, and financial data. They need to be constantly maintained and with good design and development techniques to keep pace with business and world demands. Our methods of database design and development will keep your business on the cutting edge.

A good database developer and administrator should be able to do the following:

Designers and development of new databases

Troubleshoot all databases

Database performance improvement

Specialists in MS SQL Server, MySQL & Access

Synergetic reporting specialists

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What is Database Design?

Database Design is a collection of processes that facilitate the designing,
development, implementation, and maintenance of enterprise data management systems. Properly designed databases are easy to maintain, improves data consistency, and are cost-effective in terms of disk storage space. The database designer decides how the data elements correlate and what data must be stored.

The main objectives of database designing are to produce logical and physical
designs models of the proposed database system.

The logical model concentrates on the data requirements and the data to be stored independent of physical considerations. It does not concern itself with how the data will be stored or where it will be stored physically.

The physical data design model involves translating the logical design of the
database onto physical media using hardware resources and software systems such as database management systems (DBMS).

In this tutorial, you will learnWhy Database Design is Important?

Database development life cycle

Requirements analysis

Database designing


Types of Database Techniques

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