BSBLDR523: What Are The Importance Of The Team Purpose And Team Charter: Lead And Manage Effective Workplace Relationship Assignment, VU, Australia

University Victoria University [VU]
Subject BSBLDR523: Lead And Manage Effective Workplace Relationship

Part A – Written Responses

Question 1:

What are the importance of the team purpose and team charter to the following?

a) Supporting others to achieve work responsibilities

b) Consulting with employees on work issues

c)  Reporting on the outcomes of consultations

d) Identifying and resolving conflicts and other difficulties according to organizational policies and procedures

e) Planning how to address difficulties

f) Providing guidance, counseling and support to assist co-workers in resolving their work difficulties

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Question 2:

What does the SMART acronym stand for? Use one sentence to describe each element

Question 3:

What is the difference between a performance plan and a performance improvement plan?

Question 4:

What roles could team members play to support each other and meet their expected performance outcome?

Question 5:

What are some of the good disciplines that enhance the team’s cohesiveness while collaborating and participating?

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Part B – Case Study

1. How would you ensure that your team understands the purpose of this team development and the goal of the organization’s project?

2. List Tuckman’s stages of team development and explain how each stage can be applied to your case

3. How would you kick off the first meeting to set the team’s framework?

4. What would you do to measure the team’s capabilities against each task?

5. What roles would you play as a team leader to support your team?

6. How would you measure if you are bossing your team around or leading them towards the goals set?

7. What techniques would you use to encourage your team’s input, suggestions and collaborations?

8. What form of feedback would you use with your team? Why?

9. Who will be responsible for identifying and addressing raised problems? How?

10. What are the tools that could assist the team manage their collaborations and ease their participation?

11.  Why is it important to identify work performance problems?

12. How could a team leader influence his/her team members to work effectively?

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