BSBITU312: In Preparation For Creating Any Work, It Is Important To Set Up Your Workspace: Create Electronic Presentations Assignment, VU, Australia

University Victoria University [VU]
Subject BSBITU312: Create Electronic Presentations

Task 1 – Ergonomic Checklist (Set-up of the desk):

In preparation for creating any work, it is important to set up your workspace, equipment, and materials so that they are ergonomically sound.  Following the guidance notes provided in the Learner Guide and Attachment 4 in your Learning Resources, set up your workspace. Have a third party complete the ergonomic checklist provided to you with this assessment to ensure you have covered all areas. This completed third-party checklist will need to be uploaded with your assessment.

Task 2 –Create a plan for your presentation

1. Choose a topic of interest to you that could be presented in a workplace as part of a Healthy Living Awareness week.

2. Prepare a 10-minute presentation on this topic

Answer these questions in your plan:

1. Why am I communicating? What is my objective? What do I want people to think, feel or do differently as a result of hearing me speak?

2. What is the main point? If the audience remembers only one thing from my presentation, what do I want them to remember? Therefore, what is the intention of the presentation?

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3. Put yourself in the audience’s shoes. Why should the audience care about your message?

4. What will be the theme of the presentation?

5. What three key points do I want to convey?

a) Key Point 1:

b) Key point 2:

c) Key Point 3:

5. Consider the presentation you will be giving to the group.

a) Who is your target audience?

b) How will you cater to different needs or sub-groups?

c) Given the intention of your presentation, what are the needs of the audience?

6. Consider the presentation you will be giving to the group. What information, evidence, or research will be required to support your presentation?

7. List the visual aids you will use to support your presentation. Describe how it will add power and impact to your presentation. Describe what new approach or tips you will incorporate in your next presentation.

8. How would your organization expect you to name and store the document

9. Explain how the presentation can be altered to suit a different audience.

10. What help or resources are available to find a solution to any issues you may have with the presentation software?

11. What are the document naming and storage requirements of an organization, (that you would expect as a minimum)?

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Task 3: Prepare a draft Presentation

Create a five-page presentation, demonstrating your application of the following:

1. Organisation and task requirements as explained in the task instruction and the presentation plan you have created.

2. Software functions to maintain a uniform appearance between slides.

Task 4: Prepare a final presentation

Using the presentation created in question task 3, complete the following:

1. Proofread the document, correcting any errors (spelling and grammar) you find.

2. Finalise your presentation adhering to your organization’s requirements.

Quality outcomes

Ensure the following for your submission:

i) It is grammatically correct.

ii) It is error-free.

iii)Uses consistent, relevant formatting

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