BSBITU212: When is It Necessary to use a Spreadsheet rather than a Word Processing Application: Create and Use Spreadsheets Assignment, DU, Australia

Subject BSBITU212: Create and Use Spreadsheets

Assignment Details:

Question 1

When is it necessary to use a spreadsheet rather than a word processing application?

Question 2

Explain in a short paragraph how to format numbers in a spreadsheet?

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Question 3

List some points to consider when planning a spreadsheet. Name some specification which could be included in an organization’s procedures or guidelines. Your answer should include ergonomic standards and conservation techniques practiced within an organization. Give at least three examples of each.

Question 4

What is the difference between a Relative Reference and an Absolute Reference when using formulae for calculations? Give at least one example of each.

Question 5

In a brief sentence explain how labels or titles on a chart can be changed.

Question 6

When designing spreadsheets, why is it a good idea to have a plan? How can you clarify purpose, objectives, etc.?

Question 7

Why is it important to preview and check documents and names and store them in an appropriate directory before finalizing them?

Question 8

Explain the organizational requirements for ergonomic standards, work periods, and breaks?

Question 9

Explain the purpose of using charts in presenting information to the other members of staff?

Question 10

What is Ergonomics and what are the organizational requirements for meeting ergonomics?

Assessment 2: Project

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Your Tasks: Task 1

Part A

Adjust the workstation to suit WHS requirements and energy and resources conservation techniques. This will be documented by your assessor in Assessment Task 3.

Part B

The information provided in the table below is for the six employees currently employed at Food Truck Express for the week ending 1st July 2018. Replicate the table below in a spreadsheet.

Staff NameOrdinary HoursOvertime (OT) HoursHourly Rate $Miscellaneous Deductions $

Part C

After completing Part A and B you are required to print the spreadsheet. But before you are allowed to print the spreadsheet you are required to apply formatting to enhance the appearance of your worksheets, such as bold, text color, text size, borders and etc. (all information on 1 page).

You are required to insert a header and footer. If you are unsure of how to add a header and footer, you may use the help feature in your software application.

Part D

Using the spreadsheet you have developed in part B. You are required to calculate the ‘pay hours’, ‘gross pay’, ‘tax’, and ‘net pay’ for each of the staff members in the table. (NB: You are required to use the formula feature in your spreadsheet application to calculate the required information

Example of how your table could look like: (An example has been provided for your reference)

ABC>= A + (B x 1.5)DE= C x DF= (E – 80) x 0.32GH= E–(F+G)
Staff NameOrdinary HoursOvertime (OT) HoursPay HoursHourly Rate ($)Gross Pay ($)Tax ($)Miscellaneous Deductions ($)Net Pay ($)
E.g. Gigs3844427.501210.00361.6072.50775.90

Extra Information:

  • The formulas in the table above are provided to assist you.
  • Overtime (OT) rate is 1.5 times the ordinary rate.
  • Tax is calculated at 32 cents in the dollar, after the $80 tax-free deduction.

Part E

After completing Part A, B, C, and D. you are required to apply formatting to enhance the appearance of your worksheets, such as bold, text color, text size, borders and etc.

You are required to insert a header and footer. If you are unsure of how to add a header and footer, you may use the help feature in your software application.

Part F

You are now required to preview, adjust, and print your spreadsheet (all information on 1 page).

There are two printouts required. The first printout will be the ‘normal view’ print out with all the calculation on it and the second one will be the ‘formula view’ print out (to access the formula view print out format, you are required to press CTRL + ` (2 keys, this includes the Control (CTRL) and the apostrophe (`) at the same time – refer to the picture below).

You are now required to preview, adjust and print your spreadsheet

Part G

Create a column chart on a new sheet showing the ordinary hours, overtime (OT) hours, and pay hours of each staff member. Add a page header and footer.

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Part H

Create a bar graph (the 100% stacked bar graph) on a new sheet showing the net pay of all the staff members in one bar. Add a page header and footer.

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