BSBINN301: Present Your Innovative Idea To A Group Or Team Of People: Assessment 2 Assignment, TAFE NSW, Australia

University TAFE NSW
Subject BSBINN301: Assessment 2


Task 1 – Presenting your innovative idea and asking for feedback

Present your innovative idea to a group or team of people (minimum of three people) using the report you developed in Assessment 1 Task 3 and conduct a feedback session or discussion.

To set the scene, supply the group or team of people with the Case Study from Assessment 1.

When you have finished your presentation, ask each person to complete a feedback sheet (Appendix 1). You can change the feedback sheet to suit the needs of your project.

Collate the feedback sheets from each person. Analyze this feedback and write a brief summary (around 150 words) of this feedback.

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Task 2 – Reflecting on your communication skills

Reflect on your presentation, think about what communication skills you used with the team during your presentation and whilst asking for their feedback.

Write a brief summary (around 150 words) reflecting on your communication skills. Communication skills include:

  • Negotiation skills.
  • Active and reflective listening.
  • Asking open and closed questions.

Task 3 – Project plan

Develop a project plantable that includes the following headings regarding your recommended innovative idea (use the below table as your guide).


Project plan – Your innovative idea
Implementation Explain how you would successfully introduce your innovation in the organization including training and resource requirements
Action Plan Provide a list of actions or tasks, which includes all the relevant actions required to put your chosen strategy into action. It will show who, what, where, when, and how your recommended strategy will be implemented.
Monitoring/Evaluating Explain how will you monitor and evaluate the success or otherwise of your innovation. Including budgetary information.

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