BSBCMM411: Bounce Fitness was formed in 2001 in Cairns, Queensland as a corporation: Make presentations Assignment, AU, Australia

University Australia Government (AU)
Subject BSBCMM411: Make presentations


Bounce Fitness was formed in 2001 in Cairns, Queensland as a corporation. Bounce Fitness is a dynamic fitness corporation poised to capture substantial market share in one of the fastest-growing services industries in the country. Bounce Fitness is a Cairns corporation incorporated in 2001 and wholly-owned by Margaret House. A Board of Directors has been established and the Head Office now has a team of General Manager Finance, Human Resource and Marketing, an Executive Assistant, and support staff. The Centres have a Centre Manager, Assistant Manager, and a team of various sizes composed of experts in health-related and fitness disciplines. Bounce Fitness will continue to have its base of operations in Cairns (Fitness Centre and Head Office), Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Bounce Fitness intends to expand their services as demand increases.

The company’s mission statement:

The centers will serve the community with quality, comprehensive, unique, and distinctive health programs and services. The employee team will expand upon the preventive services while improving the quality of life among participants through health and fitness services utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and practices. These programs will reflect members’ needs and be financially viable for all stakeholders.

Task 1:   

Prepare for communication and use communication strategies to provide work instruction, including:

Activity 1 – Complete the Content Marketing template

Activity 2 – Seek consultation with business stakeholders in a meeting and facilitate discussions to obtain approval

Task 2: 

Plan and deliver presentations through facilitating workplace communication, monitoring, reviewing, and supporting the team’s communication, including:

Activity 1 – Conduct a copywriting pitch for the new product

Activity 2 – Seek feedback and assistance from the marketing team to improve the communication proposal

Activity 3 – Make changes to the presentation based on feedback received.

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