BSBAUD501: You are planning a quality audit to be carried out at your company’s Broken Hill production facility in May 2016: Initiate a Quality Audit (Release 1) Assignment, TAFE NSW, Australia

University TAFE NSW
Subject BSBAUD501: Initiate a Quality Audit (Release 1)

Assessment 1: In-class exercises

Exercise 1

In your own words, explain each of the following terms.  Include two examples in each explanation.

  • Audit objectives
  • Audit scope
  • Audit criteria
  • Risk

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Exercise 2

In your own words, answer each of the following questions.  Give examples where appropriate.

  • Why is it necessary to determine the auditee’s audit history, structure and culture?
  • What are two differences between a desktop audit and a site audit?
  • How would two selected audit methods or techniques be applied if you were auditing workplace health and safety?
  • How does an audit schedule help the auditee satisfy their responsibilities?

Exercise 3

Consider the following scenario and answer the two questions below. You are planning a quality audit to be carried out at your company’s Broken Hill production facility in May 2016.  One of the areas to be examined is after-sales service for the company’s new range of industrial refrigeration products.

  • Other than audit team members, what resources will need to be supplied by the auditor and by the auditee for this audit?
  • Which of the following staff would you consider for selection for the audit? Give reasons for each selection or omission.
NameArea of ExpertiseQualified Auditor?Substantive  PositionConsider (Y/N)Reason/s
An AbbottHealth & safetyYesWHS Officer, Sydney plant
B BurkeAfter-sales serviceYesService Manager, Broken Hill
C CooperFinanceNoFinance Officer, Melbourne plant (on leave to 3 June 2016)
D DawoodProductionYesQuality Officer, Sydney plant
E EagletonHRYesHR Officer, Broken Hill
F FlynnRefrigerationNoService Supervisor, Sydney plant

Exercise 4

Prepare an audit plan for the planned quality audit described in Exercise 3 above.   Where necessary you will have to supplement the information given in the exercise to ensure that your plan is complete in all respects.

Exercise 5

You are a member of the audit team assigned to the quality audit discussed in exercises 3 and 4 above.  List all the matters and issues that you would want to see addressed and discussed at the first team meeting and a subsequent one on one meeting with the team leader.

Exercise 6

Explain in your own words, with examples, the purpose behind the review of the following items:

  • Previous audits
  • Organizational documents

Exercise 7

  • Explain in your own words, with examples, how the use of checklists and other pre-prepared audit documentation can help to ensure that the quality audit adds value to the auditee’s business.
  • Consider the quality audit planned in Exercise 4 above. Prepare the agenda for the entry meeting and draft a checklist that could be used to review the preparation for the meeting.  Ensure both documents include appropriate references to value-adding activities.

Assessment 2: Assignment

  1. Select a business area or function (from your workplace if relevant) and prepare a quality audit plan. Ensure your plan includes the following information:
  • audit objectives,
  • audit scope, including identification of the organizational and functional units, as well as processes, to be audited,
  • audit criteria and any reference documents,
  • locations, dates, expected time, and duration of audit activities to be conducted, including meetings with the auditee’s management,
  • an overview of audit methods to be used, including the extent to which audit sampling is needed to obtain sufficient audit evidence and the design of the sampling plan, if applicable,
  • roles and responsibilities of the audit team members, as well as guides and observers,
  • timing and estimated time required for audit work,
  • allocation of appropriate resources to critical areas of the audit, and;
  • expectations with regard to milestones and deadlines.

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