Brad is Planning a Short 3 day Holiday in Wellington, NZ (traveling next month): Software Development Assignment, MU, Australia

University Melbourne University
Subject Software Development


a) Brad is planning a short 3 day holiday in Wellington, NZ (traveling next month). He wants to take a few photographs of the sunset over the harbor and wants to make sure his flight times give him sufficient opportunities to take these pictures.

b) Sachin has to undertake a religious fast for 40 days from sunrise to sunset starting in mid-May. Unfortunately, he is traveling during this time to 3 different countries across the world (China, the US, and India). Sachin works for a large mining company and the locations that he is traveling to are very remote places in these countries. He generates a table of sunrise/set times for each of his locations, emails them, and prints the email message ahead of this journey time.

c) Li wants to walk on the beach tomorrow morning to reflect on the purpose of life (she was just promoted in her job). She checks the sunrise time in Sydney before going to bed.

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d) Justin and Mary are off camping. They reach the campsite and realize that they are a little bit behind schedule. They need to start off at daybreak to get to the top of the mountain as planned. They use the built-in GPS facility to find the sunrise/set times for their location. As they have a faint mobile signal, they send the sun-rise time to their friends that are also climbing the mountain from another direction. They add a short note to the message saying they are looking forward to beating them to the top of the mountain.



1. A hi-fidelity prototype Develop sketches of the app based on the scenarios presented in Background Information – we recommend using Fluid-UI as the tool (, but you can also use other prototyping tools. COS30017/COS80019 Semester 2 2019

In the report, there needs to be the following:

  • All screens need a unique identifier (eg: “Screen-01”, “Sunset time screen”, etc.)
  • A short description of what each screen is for/its purpose, and address why this screen is needed.
  •  Annotate each screen indicating all features that are available on each screen. Include information about whether the feature is interactive or not.

2. User stories

For each of the following user stories (listed in the next section), indicate a sequence of steps/interactions (taps, swipes, etc) that the user will do, and which items/screens the user will see. This can be presented as a table/use case, or as a list. An example use case can be presented as:

  • User taps [First tab], screen changes to tab 2.
  • User taps [“Select a city”] button. A dropdown appears etc.

Use the following four user stories for task 2. A User Story structure is “As a [persona], I [want to], [so that].” (

1. As a stargazer, I want to find the time of the local sunrise, so that I can schedule viewing times with minimal sunlight.

2. As a photographer, I want to view the sunrise and sunset times for the next 7 days so I can capture these events on camera.

3. As a traveler, I want to find the time of sunset for my holiday destination, so that I can plan my holiday events in advance.

4. As a traveler, I want to share the sunset time with my partner, so that I can organize a dinner with a great view

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You will be asked to discuss your designs in the lab and walk through your user stories. You should be able to do this and explain your working process when asked in the lab session.

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