BAA752: Prepare a report, explaining the value proposition of a Collaborative Partnership that the Project Would require Between Your Organisation: Foundations of Integrated Care Report,

University Tasmania University UTAS
Subject BAA752: Foundations of Integrated Care

Assessment task: Report

Task description

You are a manager in a health organisation (e.g., local health district is (southwestern local health district-Liverpool Hospital)Sydney, primary health network), leading the implementation of an integrated care project. The targeted cohort for this project is people aged over 70, who are experiencing a combination of mental and physical chronic conditions.

Prepare a report, explaining the value proposition of a collaborative partnership that the project would require between your organisation (the lead agency) and an aged care or General Practitioner facility (Government funded) in the community.

You must also discuss the required leadership and change management abilities to support inter-professional practices in this partnership.

Finally, you are to engage in a discussion whether including a private health or social services organisation as an additional partner could enhance the value proposition of the partnership.

The report must have the following sections:

Section 1. Introduction

Explain the purpose and structure of the report and the contextual background of the collaborative partnership.

Section 2. The value proposition of the partnership (2000 words, 22.5 marks):

2.1 Needs of the targeted cohort (450 words, 4 marks) Explain the complex needs of the targeted cohort (i.e., people aged over 70, experiencing a combination of mental and physical chronic illnesses.g., cancer) that make this partnership between your and partner organisations a necessity for integrated care.

2.2 Partnership rationale (1050 words: 150 words for each section of 2.2.1-7) (12.5 marks; approx. 1.8 marks for each section of 2.2.1- 7)

Explain the rationale of the collaborative partnership – using the VicHealth partnership analysis checklist- regarding:

2.2.1 Determining the need for the partnership (only resource issues, as patient and family needs, were covered in section 3.1)

2.2.2 Choosing partners,

2.2.3 Making sure partnerships work,

2.2.4 Planning collaborative action,

2.2.5 Implementing collaborative action,

2.2.6 Minimising the barriers to partnerships, and

2.2.7 Reflecting on and continuing the partnership.

2.3 Leadership and change management abilities/ (500 words, 6 marks)

Discuss the required leadership and change management abilities to support inter-professional practices in the partnership between a key health management professional group at your organisation AND a key group of clinicians at the aged care or general practitioner practice

Section 3. Conclusion (200 words, 1.5 marks) Restate the argument position and specify the key learnings for your organisation, drawing on the analysis of the value proposition of the partnership (Section 3).

Section 4. Recommendation (450 words, 4.5 marks) Recommend whether the partnership between your organisation and the aged care or general practice facility should go ahead, based on the analysis in section 3. Moreover, discuss whether an additional private health or social services organisation partner could enhance the value proposition of the partnership.

  • Quality of presentation and academic writing (3.5 Marks)
  • Below are some links for help, please Australian health we are talking,
  • Use southwestern area local health district-Liverpool hospital
  • And use up to 15 references.

Integrated care (

NSW Health Integrated Care | Navigating the Healthcare Neighbourhood

Department of Health | Standard 9: Integration and partnership

Initiatives and programs | Australian Government Department of Health

Partnering with Consumers Standard | Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care

How to Improve Integrated Care for People with Chronic Conditions: Key Findings from EU FP-7 Project INTEGRATE and Beyond (

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