Assignment One Requires That You Continue The Process Of Narrowing: Educational Leadership Dissertation Proposal, DU, Australia

University Deakin University
Subject Educational Leadership

Assignment One requires that you continue the process of narrowing the focus of your potential Capstone project. The task requires that you produce a compelling argument for the project by identifying and defining key concepts, ideas and theories, while at the same time synthesizing and evaluating existing research connected to the problem you will explore in your Capstone project.

Assignment One has the following components with the recommended percentage of the total (2500 words) provided – please use separate headings for each section.

Problem statement (less than 5%): Using hurdle task feedback, combined with any subsequent understandings gained from your literature review, make adjustments (where/if required) to your research problem statement previously submitted in Week 2.

Research question/s (less than. 5%): Briefly articulate the broad aim of your project and a draft research question/s. Ensure that your research question is not overly ambitious and can be answered in the limited timeframe available (the single 12-week semester when undertaking your Capstone unit).

Review of the Literature (approx. 60%): Conduct a critical analysis of six research articles selected from high-quality academic peer-reviewed journals. While each article should in some way be connected to the problem/issue you have identified, the degree of overlap will vary depending on your topic or discipline area. It is critical to remember that this is a literature review and not an annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography is merely descriptive, whereas this review of the literature needs to identify key themes, issues, anomalies and limitations across the papers reviewed – Refer to LEO Modules, the LEO AT1 overview presentation and your required text by Creswell

Synthesis (approx. 30%)Discuss the key concepts, theoretical foundations and or relationships across the selected six articles and how these relate to your capstone project/problem and help frame your understanding of the issue/s.

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