As A Support Worker Identify Three People/Positions/Roles That May Be Considered: Communication Homework, UOA, Australia

University University of Adelaide
Subject Communication

Activity 2D

Question 1

As a support worker, identify three people/positions/roles that may be considered above you in the hierarchy of a community services workplace. Use community services organizations’ websites and look for Organisational Charts.

For each, briefly explain example communication protocols that could apply in your interactions with them.

 Activity 3A

Question 1

Identify three difficulties that you may experience at work and explain how you would deal with each and report them appropriately.

Question 2

Imagine you are dealing with language barriers and require an interpreter to aid communication. Write a short report to a supervisor to raise your concerns and outline your suggestions.

Activity 5B

Question 1

You have just started a new job working at a residential care facility. You have been provided with a range of workplace documents that provide background information about the facility, workplace policies and procedures, and your roles and responsibilities.

You notice on one of the documents that there is a role you are unfamiliar with and had not been informed about at the time of applying for the job. Briefly outline how you should clarify the role with your supervisor.

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Question 2

What might completing written and electronic workplace documents to organization standards involve?

Activity 5C

Refer to Case Study I – Digital media

Case Study I – Digital media Harrison is a new worker at a large care home and has been asked to conduct a variety of duties using digital media in relation to an upcoming event at the home. There are currently 35 residents at the home, ranging from the ages of sixty-four to ninety-six.

He has been asked to:

  • Write a social media post about an upcoming event at the care home
  • Create a newsletter about the upcoming event
  • Send emails to the family members of the residents.

Social media post

Harrison has created a post about the event, including all the key information, such as the date, time, and what will be taking place. He has included a picture of a resident to go alongside the post but has not asked their permission or that of the manager. There are also a number of grammatical mistakes.


The newsletter has been created in the usual template used by the home. However, there are large blank spaces on the newsletter, and the names of two residents have been used without permission.


Harrison has sent an email to the designated family members of the residents, using electronic records to find their email addresses. He has sent a single email to everyone though and has not hidden their identities in the email. Additionally, he has included the day of the event but has failed to include the time it will take place.

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 Question 1

Identify three types of digital media.

Question 2

Read through Case Study I and identify at least one policy and procedure for each digital media type that Harrison is likely to have broken.

 Activity 5D

Refer to Case Study F – Responding to risk

Case Study F – Responding to risk Organisational policy: Responding to violent behaviors

a) Verbally request the person to modify their behavior and explain the consequences if they continue to act violently, e.g. ‘I will have to call security

b) Place distance between yourself and the violent person

c) Call for help from appropriately trained personnel

d) Report the incident to your supervisor.

You are a new employee to a residential facility for persons with severe learning disabilities and other conditions. You are working with a resident during your first week when suddenly the resident becomes aggressive in response to a noise trigger. You are currently alone in the room with him. The resident begins to throw things around the room and is yelling. He is causing injury to himself during this episode, and you are also concerned for your own safety.

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 Question 1

In relation to the situation outlined in Case Study F, use clear, accurate, and objective language to document the event. This should be suitable for storing workplace records.

Ensure to include:

  • What happened
  • Why it happened
  • The changes could be made to prevent the resident from having similar outbursts in the future.

 Activity 6A

Question 1

Select two items from this list and explain why they are important for the care industry:

  • A holistic and person-centered approach
  • Promotion of the well-being of staff, clients, and communities
  • Early identification of problems
  • Delivery of appropriate services
  • Commitment to meeting the needs and upholding the rights of people
  • Commitment to empowering the person and/or the community
  • Ethical behavior
  • Preventative strategies
  • Exercise of responsibilities and accountabilities within the context of the duty of care for clients.

Question 2

What might identifying and implementing improved work practices include? Provide three examples.

 Activity 6B

Question 1

Identify a change that could take place within a familiar organization in order to improve work practices and answer the following:

  • What does it aim to achieve?
  • How will it manage this? What needs to be done?
  • What will the outcome be?

Activity 6C

Question 1

How would you seek feedback for developing your skills and knowledge at work, and who would you seek this from?

Question 2

Ring your assessor and ask for feedback on your progress through the course so far. Ensure that by the end of the short discussion, you are aware of any areas for skill and knowledge development and note them here.

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