AMSM700: Demonstrate The Linkage between the Organization’s Strategy and Its Vision: Strategic Management Assignment, ARA, New Zealand


Below are the learning outcomes assessed through these assessments:

Learning Outcomes: PART A

1. Demonstrate conceptual understanding, tools, and techniques fundamental to strategic management.

2. Critically evaluate strategic planning and examine its value to organizations.

4. Analyze the role of the strategic leader and the effect culture and ethics have in moving an organization forward.

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Learning Outcomes: PART B

1. Demonstrate conceptual understanding, tools, and techniques fundamental to strategic management.

2. Critically evaluate strategic planning and examine its value to organizations.

3. Critically evaluate a model of strategic management that contains three main parts; strategic analysis, choice, and implementation.

5. Research and evaluate a strategic management issue within a global context.

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  • Michael Hill Ltd.
  • The Warehouse Group Ltd.
  • Millennium & Copthorne Hotels New Zealand Ltd.

Choose ONE (1) company from the list of three provided above. Your answers will be based on information contained in the annual reports and their websites (these two sources should be referenced). Also, it is expected that you read widely from other relevant academic literature demonstrating that you have consulted resources appropriate for a 700 level course.

You need to show evidence of the theory and concepts discussed in class. Additionally, you need to use databases (such as Business Source Complete, Pro-Quest Central, and Australia/NZ Reference Centre) and textbooks to investigate the theory and the organization beyond what is shown on the website. Specifically, use the Instructional Words to guide your responses to
the assessments’ questions in addition to the:

  • Organization’s annual reports
  • A minimum of eighteen (18) justifiable valid and reliable sources in both parts are expected which must be evidenced in Part A and Part B of the assessments (nine (9) in each part).

Your writing must be reflective of an understanding of the material, integration of theory, and a critical evaluation of the organization’s strategy with specific examples.

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1 Demonstrate the linkage between the organization’s strategy and its vision and mission (1 page approx.).

2 (a) Utilising Porter’s Five Forces model, analyze the competitive environment AND evaluate your chosen organization’s response, or potential response, from a business-level strategy perspective (2 – 3 pages approx.).

(b) Critically evaluate how effective your Porter’s Five Forces model would be in helping understand your chosen company’s competitive environment (1 page approx.).

3 (a) Analyse how the values of the organizational culture of your chosen
an organization could support the implementation of its strategy and fulfillment of its vision and mission successfully (1 page approx.).

(b) Discuss how the leaders of your chosen organization would carry out the three interdependent activities of: ‘setting the direction’, ‘designing the organization’ and ‘nurturing a culture dedicated to excellence and ethical behavior’ (Dess, Lumpkin & Eisner, 2010, pp. 386-390), so that this organization can implement its strategy to develop competitive advantages (2 pages approx.).

4 State any two (2) of the organization’s functional-level strategies and demonstrate whether these strategies support the achievement of the organization’s strategic objectives. If they do not have explicit functional strategies, suggest any two (2) functional strategies and how these would link to their strategic objectives (2 pages approx.).

5 Analyze any one (1) critical problem the organization is facing related to either functional level, business level, corporate level, or international level strategies AND evaluate the organization’s actual or possible response to it (1-2 pages approx.).


You should use the information you have researched for Part A to inform Part B of the assessment, as well as other new information you will need to research.

6 The Strategic Management Process we learned about includes three stages: 1. Strategy Analysis, 2. Strategy Formulation and 3. Strategy Implementation. Critically evaluate the effectiveness of each of the stages, as well as the whole process, in supporting the development of sustainable competitive advantages for the organization you have chosen (2 – 3 pages approx.).

7 Demonstrate your understanding of your chosen organization’s competitive advantage, recommending any two (2) ways (excluding financial KPIs) in which its success could be evaluated (1 page approx.).

8 (a) Evaluate your chosen organization’s current, or previous, international strategy in relation to how effective it has/had been in supporting its international expansion (1 page approx.).

(b) Research and evaluate any one (1) strategic management issue they have
faced, or already faced, during their international expansion, and evaluate the organization’s response, or potential response, to overcome it (2 pages approx.).

9 Explain your chosen company’s corporate-level strategy. Analyze how this corporate-level strategy has or may have, allowed your chosen company to attain synergistic benefits (Dess, Lumpkin & Eisner, 2010). Make sure that you support your analysis with relevant theory (1 – 2 pages approx.).

10 Evaluate how effective the mix of capabilities/competencies, skills, and personal attributes of the existing Board of Directors of your chosen organization would be for fulfilling its corporate governance role (1 page approx.).

11 (a) Outline the organizational structure used to support their strategy OR if this information is not available, suggest an appropriate organizational structure by also providing a rationale for your suggestion (1/2 page approx.).

(b) Analyze one (1) problem or limitation that the organization may face resulting from this organizational structure, use theory to support your analysis (1 page approx.).

12 Evaluate how the organization controls or could control, its strategic performance and adjusts, or could adjust, its strategy accordingly (1 page approx.).

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