Akala Akala is an Aboriginal Australian who suffers from a degenerative respiratory disease: Communication Assignment, UOS, Australia

University University of South Australia (UOS)
Subject Communication

Provide individualized support Knowledge assessment

Question 1

Define each of the following terms and give an example for each:

  • Person-centered practice
  • Strengths-based practice
  • Active support

Question 2

Describe the roles and responsibilities of each of the following groups in providing support to a client:

  • Carers and family
  • Person being supported
  • Health professionals
  • Individual workers
  • Supervisor

Question 3

A service delivery model is a framework of policies, procedures, and principles that guides how a service is delivered to clients. What is the service delivery model within a disability/youth organization/sector? What are its principles? What documents within an organization provide you with this information?

Question 4

Conduct independent research and provide an overview of the intent of each of these legal and ethical requirements and how they are applied in an organization and individual practice.

  • Privacy, confidentiality, and disclosure.
  • Duty of care.
  • The dignity of risk.
  • Human rights.
  • Discrimination.
  • Mandatory reporting.
  • Work role boundaries

Question 5

There are a number of factors that may affect a person requiring support. For each of the following factors, give a scenario of how a person requiring support may be affected, both personally, and in relation to their support plan.

  • Finances
  • Housing
  • Relationships
  • Mental health
  • Bereavement
  • Illness
  • Career issues.

Question 6

Which practices can you undertake to ensure that you maintain and develop your own work skills? Name at least two.

 Question 7

Define ‘unmet needs’ and give an example from your personal work experience with a client. Where this is not possible, give a hypothetical scenario. Ensure that you maintain the anonymity of your clients.

Question 8

What are the risk management procedures that you undertake in your support worker role? How do you recognize and respond to risk?

Performance assessment

1. Case Study G: Akala Akala is an Aboriginal Australian who suffers from a degenerative respiratory disease. She requires a constant oxygen supply from a tank

OpportunityGoalStrategyResponsible person(s)Target date
Akala feels that her current support worker doesn’t respect her cultural beliefsFind a support worker with a better rapport and cultural understandingContact an ACCHO for advice and/or referralSupervisor14/07/17

Question 1

Suggest one alternative strategy that could be used to address Akala’s issues with her current support worker.

2. Question 1

You are Robert’s support worker. What are your responsibilities, according to his care plan

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