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Our experts offer an LDR/531 coursework help University of Phoenix. Hindi quote there are multiple theories and qualities of leadership are involved which is not an easy task for students to compile and assignment. Our expert offers Australia assignment help to University students who are involved in LDR/531 coursework.

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Many students who come to Australia to complete their graduation and post-graduation in management studies have to study leadership courses as well. Our  Assignment help Australia experts offer great help to university students.

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Some key leadership theories

There are many leadership theories, which have been taught to university students in their academics. Some of the leadership theories are as follows:

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  • Great Man Theory– According to the great man theory leaders are not created they are born. Some of the traits of the leaders are confident, intellectual, good communication skills, good interpersonal skills as well as social skills. This theory states that leaders are having the internal quality of performing their activity. They do not have to read books and novels for any particular situation.
  • Trait theory– Trait theory somehow similar to the great man theory. Discovery Turbo the successful and unsuccessful trait of the leaders. The theory is known for predicting a successful characteristic of the leader as and when required. Some of the leaders used to see this theory on the basis of the psychological factors such as education of the leader, family background, age, height, etc.
  • Contingency Theory– This theory states that leaders have to change their decisions according to the situation. No one Is Perfect but a leader has to possess their qualities according to the situation and make decisions.
  • Situational theory– This theory somehow similar to the Contingency Theory of leadership. The leader should always be corresponding to the situation immediately is what is known as a leader. They do not have to think at the time of making any particular decision.
  • Behavioral theory– This is one of the most used Theories of leadership. This theory mostly focuses on the behavior and what actions should be taken by the leaders.

Qualities of good leaders

Every leader possesses some other qualities, some of the best qualities of leaders are as follows:

  • Honesty and integrity– Every leader should be honest. While taking an opinion or to help their colleagues, a leader should not be partial between the superior and subordinate. He should be still and fair while taking an honest decision.
  • Inspire others– The good leader process the quality of inspiring their team members as well as colleagues. Leaders who are having good communication skills, as well as interpersonal skills, can inspire others in a more effective way.
  • Decision- Making capabilities– Every leadership process decision-making qualities in him or her. If it is not a good decision maker then he may not become a good leader. Many leaders used to listen to both of the party is and then arrive at the final decision which is correct and acceptable if the leader has a good image in front of their colleagues and supervisor.
  • Creative and innovative– Every leader should be creative and innovative as it would help in making this please answer and help in planning for future activities. Our Australia assignment help expert also possesses leadership qualities and offers good coursework writing services to University students.

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