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Basic concepts of international economics

International economics is not a very vast subject to understand but then also it comprises of many business terms which a firm need to understand before entering into any import-export business. Some of the basic concepts of international economic and international trade are as follows:

  1. Globalization– The word globalization means moving the business across the country. production as well as the operation of the business held in more than one country.
  2. Exchange rates: it is very necessary to understand the basic rate as well as be an expensive rate in which the country is dealing. Most of the international business or international trade is done on the basis of dollars. One must understand that what is the exchange rate of his currency in respective of $1.
  3. Freight– Like excise duty, In international business company has to pay the freight charges during the export or Import of goods, from one country to another.
  4. Tariff– The word tariffs me into the charges for the amount of agreement made between the countries for doing any export and import business.
  5. Balance of payments– Balance of payment means the statement of account of a country for the economic transaction made by or within the countries. Balance of payment is calculated as Bop= current account + capital account+balancing item.

Some theories of international economics

For providing economic assignment help to University students, an expert should have complete knowledge about international economics theories.

  1. Ricardian theory– This theory tells that comparative analysis happens only on the basis of technology advancements. A country who is technology oriented may have better opportunities than the others.
  2. Mercantilism– This theory states that the business can only be run According to the governance of the country. One has to follow the rules and regulations of doing the business across the countries.
  3. Absolute advantage– This is one of the classical theory of international trade by Adam Smith. This theory states that one of the two countries which enter into a contract for doing business, should be specialized in one product which they may produce.

These are the three main international trade economics theories, which increase the knowledge of how to do business within as well as outside the country.

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