Rebecca White

1981- Completed Orders

Education Qualification:

I’ve completed my Masters of Science [M.Sc] (Applied Physics) from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Subject paper expertise:

I’m expertise in computer simulation of atomic and molecular systems, ion beam and radiation physics in industry and medicine, optical techniques for measurement and sensing applications, environmental, industrial, and building acoustics, applied and environmental geophysics.

Academic paper expertise:

I specialize in many different subjects, including Physics where my expertise is unmatched among contemporary writers. With several decades worth of experience writing academic papers on all matters for essay writing purposes, I can help you work on any type that may be necessary to complete your paper from start to finish–from topic selection through editing processes like proofreading or copywriting if need be.

Work experience:

I’m working as an automation engineer. I have more than 5 years of experience and knowledge about physics which makes me unique to other writers who may not be as experienced or smart.

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