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Domestic violence refers to violence in which a person abuses others in a physical way like in a marriage etc. Nowadays, Domestic violence has become a topic of discipline among people. Many of the students to study this academic field to know more about it.

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Meaning of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence means the violence between the family. It can be in between parents, grandparents, son, daughter, husband, wife, etc. Violence between the two members living in the same family is called Domestic Violence.

It occurs from an intention to exploit someone. A person can exploit another person physically or mentally. This violence in the family has the ability to ruin a happy family.

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Different Types of Domestic Violence:

  • Violence against Women:  It is the most common type of violence in today’s world. Around 67% of married women are victims of domestic violence in their lives. The main reasons why this violence raises are dowry, refusal of having sex, neglecting for children or any other issues.
  • Violence against the Men:  This violence is not considered as much important as violence against women. People laugh at the victims of this violence. The motive of the law on domestic violence against men is also increasing nowadays. People consider this violence as the weakness of men that is the reason why people don’t consider as much important issue like violence against women.
  • Violence against the Children: Children are facing this problem right now as they become the victim of domestic abuse. After the domestic violence against women, this has become the most important case of domestic violence. Reasons why this violence is performing badly in academics as compared to other children of the neighborhood.
  • Violence against the Old:  The people who are old become the target of abusing too because of their weakness. This is not considered as important to others as most of the time old people don’t get it reported as they think about what happened to them after making a report. In this age also women are targeted most.
  • Other Forms:  It is the Violence against the maid of the house by the men living in the house. It can be with the other members also.

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