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Curtin University Details –

Curtin University was established in 1986 in Perth, Australia. The university is named after John Curtin, who was the fourth prime minister of Australia. Curtin University is the largest University in Australia with over fifty thousand students and three thousand employees. The other campus of Curtin University in Australia is in Sydney.

The Curtin University secured 284th position in the world by QS world university rankings list. OASIS is used by Curtin University; it is an online portal for students that includes the timetable, unit details, enrolment details, and blackboard. Blackboard is an online learning management system used by Curtin University to manage all assessments, lectures, unit details, and notes.

Courses for Curtin University assignment help

There are various courses in which we provide assignment assistance for Curtin University. The courses and study areas at Curtin University are Architecture, Construction Environment and sustainability, Agriculture, Arts, and creative industries, Culture and Society, Business Management, Law, Engineering technology, health, information technology, physical science, etc. The courses offered at Curtin University have paid assignment writing service from us. Our expert assignment writers from Australia write according to the Curtin University assessment policy. Other Curtin courses are

B-PLAN urban and regional planning
B-PSYCHRM Psychology and Human resource management
B-MOLGEN Molecular genetics and biotechnology
BB-GLGFIN Applied geology, bachelor of commerce

Assessment and marking system at Curtin University

The assessment and marking system at Curtin University is very important. Australia assignment help can help you to increase the quality of the assignment you submit. There are formative assessment and summative assessments, tutorial solutions, individual assignments, group work or projects, and any other type of assignment. F grade is awarded to the student who scores under 50%, High distinction is given to the students who score more than 80% marks. Curtin University assessment grading can be better if you buy a university assignment from us. It will help you in growing your academic graph.

Online assessment Answers help from the experts

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All types of assignment writing are available for Curtin students

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The assignment we provide to the Curtin University students is plagiarism-free. Curtin University’s assessment guidelines and policies are taken care of while writing the assignment. The content of your paid writing assignment is checked through Plagiarism checker Turnitin and is approved.


Q1.Can I get free samples from Australia assignment help?

Ans –Yes, we provide a free sample for assignment questions. Students can ask for a free sample from our support team or can download it from our website. The free sample will give an idea of our writing style. Make sure to not use the free sample as it is in your assignment as it will be plagiarised. When the students of Curtin University buy an assessment solution they can get a customized plagiarism-free assessment solution for their academics.

Q2.How GPA at Curtin University is calculated?

Ans –The GPA is calculated as [total product for a semester] / [total credit hours for a semester].

Q3.Are 70 grades are considered a good grade?

Ans –In Curtin University when you score percentage marks between 70-74 it is considered as A-. When the student scores 75-80, it is considered as an A. It is a Distinction mark when you score between 70-79 and high distinction when you score between 80 to 100.

Q4.What is a studio city at Curtin University?

Ans –Studiocity is an online writing and study skills service used at Curtin University. Students can write constructive feedback and get comments on their suggestions. It also helps in assisting students with tricky academic writing problems.

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