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Types of Crime Covered under Criminal Law

There are many crimes that come under criminal law, business law, other legal laws. Some of the major crimes which are covered under criminal laws are as follows.

  1. Felony crime-This crime is also known as first-degree crime. The crime related to felony crime includes terrorism, burglary, rape, robbery, kidnapping, etc.
  2. Theft and fraud crime– Another type of crime that is covered under criminal law is theft and crime. Here crime such as robbery in the bank or in the house is taken under the theft crime. Fraud cases like not paying bank loans come under criminal activity.
  3. Crime related to alcohol and drugs– This is considered to be one of the most criminal activities in the country. Are spoiling thousands of people and their children. What is the reason why drug activity is considered to be a criminal activity and its penalty is non-bailable?
  4. Crime against the people– any kind of Murder or kidnapping of a people is also coming under the criminal activity. Under Section 306 in the murder, the cavity is considered to be a criminal activity and sentenced to life imprisonment.
  5. Crime against property– In many countries people used to take the property of others and get register in some other’s name. This activity is also considered to be a criminal activity and according to the jurisdiction, the criminal is sent to imprisonment for some period of time.

Process of Criminal Law Jurisdiction

All Assignments help need to understand the subject matter on which they are making research and drafting an assignment. It is better to understand the process of criminal jurisdiction before implementing it into the assignments of University scholars.

  1. Law obligation– law obligation is also known as law enforcement, in which the lawyer used to collect the evidence and visit the Crime Scene before presenting the case in front of the jurisdiction. The same is with our assignment helpers. Our research team used to analyze each and every aspect before making the criminal law assignment.
  2. Prosecution report and defense barrister– The criminal law niacin used to understand the report made by the prosecution which they present in front of the jurisdiction. This helps the lawyer to understand the case from both of the parties and to arrive at the decision.
  3. Courts processing– This is a regulatory body that used to arrive at the final decision after hearing the cases from both of the parties. The lawyer should make the case strong so that either he may win the case, or the other lawyer should make such a report that he may get criminal imprisonment.

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