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Nowadays, Commercial law is one of those courses which are in huge demand because of its vast knowledge and various courses like Taxation law, Criminal Law, Company law, Business law, etc. and because of its vast nature, students seek to choose this course and get a degree in it. All over the world, Australian universities are the ones that are known for providing a high-quality commercial law education and a degree in these courses, that’s why people from all over the world are enrolling their names with Australian universities. But the major problem that the students are facing these days is the completion of their assignments.

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Outline of Commercial Law

Commercial Law is a nutshell of Corporate Law, Business Law, and many other laws that deal with problems and issues related to trade, merchandising commerce, and sales. It is a vast field which deals in both public and private matters and helps in safeguarding the interest of both the parties. There are various sub-categories of Commercial Law which are as follows.

  • Contract law – According to this law, the Commercial Law Assignment experts have to deal with the assertion that is entered deliberately by at least two parties in order to create at least one legal suit or obligation between them.
  • Companies law – According to our Commercial Law Assignment helpers, this is a field of law containing corporations, partnerships, and companies.
  • Competition law – This law deals with the aspects that concern the control of market competition by overseeing the company’s conduct.
  • Consumer protection – As per commercial law assignment writers, it is a law that deals with consumer rights, fair trade, and competition in the marketplace.
  • E-Commerce law – This law deals with the trade that took place via electronic means.

Commercial law in Australia

Every country has different rules and regulations and also the rules of trade in all the countries are different. According to our Australian Assignment writers, the major laws that govern the Australian Commerce System are:

Law of Agency

This includes various types of agents working in the agency, what are their powers, and also the relationship between agency and other legal companies.

Transfer of property in goods

This law includes detail like Contract of sale, transfer of title and remedies for goods that are sold, transfer and preservation of property.

Law of Partnership

This law includes information like the formation and nature of the partnership, the extent of the relationship between partners, the liability of partners, reasons for the dissolution of the partnership, etc.

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