What is Clinical Reasoning Cycle

Reasoning is related to sensible thinking, awareness, and intelligence. It is filed where only the logical study is conducted. It shows the different ways in which the arguments are done formally by humans. Reasoning can also be divided into some of the formal parts i.e., deductive, inductive, abductive and the others are considered as the informal reasoning i.e., intuitive and verbal.

Reasoning can also be considered as a habit of moving from one idea to another while thinking about the different ways of reasoning. Reasoning can be described more honestly by providing or writing good or best reasons in it. The reasoning should describe the purpose for which it is written and the important facts about it.

What is the Clinical Reasoning Cycle?

A clinical reasoning cycle is defined as a process in which nurses and other members of a clinic collect suggestions, information, understand the situation of a patient, idea and execute the involvement, calculate the outcomes and learn from the process.

It is a reasoning that describes the details of the clinical treatments and behavior that should be done while handling a patient. It includes the treatment and best services given to the patients so that they can recover fast from the present stage.

Clinical reasoning can also be termed as clinical perception, resolve the difficulty, determination, and critical analysis. In a manner al, the above terms are a little bit similar to critical reasoning. It is a part of public health care writing. Clinical reasoning a process that always continues. It is a cyclical process that moves round and round.

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Different Levels of Clinical Reasoning Cycle:

There are eight most important levels or parts of a clinical reasoning cycle. They are mentioned below:

  • Examine the Patient:  The first stage or level of a clinical reasoning cycle is to examine the patient. In this stage, a nurse or other clinical members examine the patient wholly and come to the result of disease or problem from which the patient is suffering from.
  • Collect the Information: It is the second level of a clinical reasoning cycle. In this stage, the clinical members collect all the information about the patient’s problem. It includes the important facts of the patient’s situation.
  • Proceed information:  The third stage of a clinical reasoning cycle leads to the processing of the information collected by the clinical members.
  • Discover Problems:  The fourth stage of a clinical reasoning cycle refers to the discovery of the patient’s problem. It discovers the problem or disease from which the patient is suffering from.
  • Begins with Aim:  It leads to the beginning of the aim to make the patient fit and fine.
  • Takin an Action:  The sixth and most important stage of a clinical reasoning cycle is the taking of an action. At this stage, the nurses or other members start with the action or doing the things to cure the patient’s problem.
  • Calculate Result:  At this stage, a result is made on the basis of the condition of the patient. To know how much improvement or dis improvement is going in the patient.
  • Reflect the Process:   It helps in reflecting the whole process done while treating the patient and learning about what to do next.

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Why is the Clinical Reasoning Cycle Important?

Clinical reasoning can also be described as the slim structure between the death of a patient and its status of health or recovery. Poor clinical reasoning and facilities provided by the nurses and other members may lead to the risk of a patient’s life and can end with the death of the patient.

The three main facts that the poor health of the patients are clinicians failed to treat the patient properly, failed to direct and begin with the suitable treatment and the poor administration of the complications of a patient. These are the facts that result in the poor clinical reasoning cycle.

The features of having appropriate clinical reasoning the timely making detection, by making suitable treatment plans for saving the life, staying away from the needless inquiry which leads to the reduction of the cost and most importantly improving the patient’s health. A good clinical reasoning cycle helps in making the best clinical reasoning case study.

Being a doctor, nurse or any other professional clinician all the education and training given to you leads to the capacity of practicing a good clinical reasoning cycle. Any mistake done by you can lead to the death of a patient. One should remember while treating a patient that the only responsibility is to save the patient in any manner if they can. 

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