Research Paper Topics

Research Paper Topics

A research paper topic its a topic or a subject in which a researcher is interested in researching it. It is the starting of a very successful research project. For choosing a research topic a researcher should inspect, define and purify the ideas. It is a continuous process as it keeps ongoing. A research paper is much similar to a dissertation paper writing and it is an important part of a research paper.

What Makes a Research Paper Topic Good?

All the research topics are not created equally. You should be sure that you choose the best research topic before you start writing. To choose a good research topic some things should be kept in mind as mentioned below:

  • Something Interested:  If you are interested in the topic on which you are writing then you will put more efforts to do the research deeply and write a research paper that has all the important points related to your subject. Nowadays research paper topics are getting very popular among others as it seems more people’s want to write a research paper topic. So before writing a research paper topic, you should take care that you are originally interested in it as well.
  • It must be Informative to Write a Research Paper:  It is very important that the research paper topic you are going to write should be very informative for the reader. If you come with the best research paper and you want to write it efficiently then you can make a good research paper only when there is enough research about the paper topic.

It can be done for some particular topics or some special topics as well as for those topics that are very new and needs a lot of research. An easy research paper topic should be informative enough to write a full-fledged research paper.

If you are trying to write a research paper on a topic that does not involve much research it is very hard, so before choosing a topic do a little bit of search on it and you should be sure enough that you will write an informative research paper.

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  • Fits your Teachers Guidelines:  Don’t be stressed for looking at the lists of research paper topics so that you can forget the requirements that your teacher want you to put in your research topics. If you are planning to write a research paper on topics related to health, the impact of rap on music but they can be changed by your teachers.

For example- if you to write a research paper on today’s topics but your teacher wants you to write a research paper on history then you will be able to choose a topic that fits your category and your teachers too. It does not matter you must get your research paper topic approved by your teachers before you start writing it.

Types of Research Paper Topics you Must Know

Research paper writing is of many types. Some of the different types of research paper topics are given below:

1. Arts/ Culture:  This type of research paper consists of all the topics related to the arts and the culture as given below:

  • Analysis of a famous artist’s effect on the whole world.
  • How rap music was developed he previous years?

2. Current Events:  It is a research paper topic related to today’s world. It includes the following:

  • Analysis of the History of North Korea and the United States Relationship.
  • What effect of the Affordable Care Act have on healthcare in the US?
  • What are the effects of China’s policy of One child?

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3. Education:  It is a topic that refers to the educational point of view:

  • Can the students who have low grades in the schooling score better in college and make a good career?
  • Can students learn easily the same-sex classes?
  • Effect of No child left behind act.

4. Ethics:  These are related to ethical changes nowadays. It has the following topics:

  • Divorce rates over time why?
  • Can suicide be legal if a physician assists it?

5. Government:  As the name suggests these topics must be related to the government. These topics :

  • Can the government detect specific information on the internet?
  • How the increase in the security of US airport makes the traveler safe?

6. Health: These topics  the health aspects of a research paper:

  • What methods are effective in reducing pregnancy among teenagers?
  • How are the healthcare plans of different countries are different from each other?

7. History:  These research papers have information about history as mentioned below:

  • Effects of the Salem Witch Trials
  • What situations led to the fall of the Roman Empire?

8.Religion: These topics are much informative from the religion point of view it includes:

  • Analysis of the history of the Manson Family.
  • How the media affect Islam/ Muslims?

9.Science/ Environment: These research paper topics environmental and scientific facts. Some of them are given below:

  • How the earth’s climate changes in the previous time?
  • Analysis of Deforestation in a particular area and globally in a time limit.

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