Literature Review writing Guide

What is a Literature Review?

A literature review is a view that communicates the printed data of a specific topic or field, and periodically data of a specific field within a definite period of time. It is an important part of academic writing.

A literature review can be an easy overview of the resources. Most of the times a literature review has an organizational structure and it joins the views and combinations. A view is a synopsis of the major informational sources but a combination is a revision or restructuring of the views.

It might include the explanation of the old matters or it may join the new one with the explanation. A literature review can also detect the academic progress of a specific field. However, a literature review includes the discussion, depending on the different conditions. A literature review may also calculate the different resources and suggest the readers on the most applicable.

What is the Need for Writing a Literature Review?

A literature review provides you with useful guidelines related to a specific topic. In case if you are having a specific time period for research, a literature review helps in providing you with a review of the topic and behaves likes a bridge.

A literature review is also useful for experts to keep them up to date about the current situations. For academics, the deepness and width of the literature review highlight the trustworthiness of the person writing in a particular field or topic.

A literature review is the best way to provide a framework for an inspection of a research paper help. However, having universal knowledge about the literature is a must for a research paper in a specific field. 

Points that Should Be Kept in Mind Before Writing a Literature Review:

  • Explain:  One should consult with the teacher to have enough explanation about a topic if it is not that much particular:
  1. Approximately how many origins you will be needed to write it?
  2. Check whether you are having the summary, combination, analysis of your origins by talking over the themes or problems.
  3. What types of origins do you need?
  4. Did you calculate your origins?
  5. Should you provide the framework information or subheads like resolution or antiquity?


  • Find the Copy:  Before writing a literature review you must look for other reviews of literature in your interesting field. Start reading them so that you get knowledge about the different types of issues you are looking for in your research. One can easily find a literature review by writing a word review with its specific topic on a website. The catalog you have done from different sources can also be an excellent point for entrance into a research paper.
  • Restrict the Topic:  While writing a literature review there are a lot of options for the articles and books to study in a specific field. However, the more restrictive the topic you have, it will be easier for you to limit the origins you need to read for writing a good review. Your teacher won’t suppose you to read each and everything available there for your topic.

One should remember to have the knowledge of their teachers in a literature review. Ask some questions to them. These questions will help you to discover and control the field of your research.

  • Examine whether the sources are of the present day:  A literature review mostly requires the information of the present day’s topics. For example, in the science field, the therapies for medical disorders are continuously changing according to present-day situations. This method is mostly used to examine the present day’s interest to academics in the specific field.

Plans for Writing a Literature Review:

  • Find a Centre:  A literature review is like a paper of term, contains a lot of ideas, not always the origins are explaining the record in an organized manner. It means that you have to list the origins and find the required details both at one time. While reading about your topic, you should examine the problems that your origins to each other.
  • Transfer it to the readers:  A literature review may not have an established statement of the thesis. Here, you need to tell the readers what you are expecting. One should try writing an uncomplicated statement that helps the readers to know about your major principle.


  • Examine an Institution:  Once you are focused and you have mentioned it clearly. Now you have to check the most effective way of presenting the information. What should be included in your review ( subtopic, headings, etc.)? Evolve an institution for your review at both the worldwide and the sectorial levels:
  • Firstly, Start covering the main categories:  Like all the academic papers, a literature review also includes three parts in it. First one is an introduction, secondly make a framework about the information, the body of the review having all the required details and the last one is the end result of your paper. The three elements are described below:
  • Introduction:  An introduction means giving a fast plan about the topic of the literature review like the purpose or institutional structure.
  • Body:  It contains the communication about the different origins and is ordered either historically thematic or pathway.
  • End Result:  In this, you should make a discussion on what you have done in your literature review and at what point you come after the discussion? That is why this is known as the end result. However, it provides an overview of your topic.
  • Ordering the Body:  Once you are done with the main categories, then you should think about the presentation of the origins in the body of the paper. You can also do it by creating an institutional way to stay focus on your topic.

You should put your information in a manner that attracts the readers. It should be in order so that it would be easy for the readers to read it easily. 

How to Write a Literature Review?

Steps to writing a literature review are given below:

  • Step1- Assemble, Calculate and Choose Literature:  The first step to writing a literature review is to research the topic of your literature questions and problems. Before the beginning of your own research, it helps you to understand the knowledge.

If you want to write a literature review independently then you should select a center and evolve the main question that provides direction to your search.

  • Step2- Discover Links and Subjects:  Before beginning with your literature pattern. The second step is the identification of the links between the origins you have read. This step will help you to form a pattern of your literature review. It will show your own research will contribute to the current knowledge.
  • Step3- Form a Structure: There are many ways to organize the structure of a literature review. You must have an approx idea of the strategies before you want to start. You can join some strategies like thematic structure, themes should more consider historically depending on the overall length of your structure.
  • Step4- Begin with your Literature Review:  This includes the elements of writing it. The elements of a literature review are:
  • Introduction
  • Main Body
  • Conclusion

In these three element s, ts one can easily describe its literature review.


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