How to Write in Cursive

What is Cursive Writing?

Cursive writing is a kind of handwriting in which alphabets are written in a flow. It helps in making the handwriting fast. There are two styles of cursive writing one is formal and the other is casual. Formal cursive handwriting is normally joined and the casual cursive handwriting is a style of joined letters and lifts of the pen. This writing can also be divided in the looped, italic or connected.

Cursive handwriting is used in many letters to make better the speed of writing and uncommon uplift of the pen. There are many alphabets in which all the letters written in a word are joined to each other. Cursive writing is mostly used in assignment writing by the students to make it attractive.

Types of Cursive Writing

There are different styles of writing in cursive writing. There is mostly one form of cursive writing is choose in the schools to teach the students. The four most common types of cursive writings are mentioned below:

  • New American Cursive:  This style of cursive handwriting is planned for the students who just want to learn the cursive handwriting to be written easily. The letters in this style are tilted towards the right side. This is less weaken for the learners and those children who are left-handed. It eliminates the optional marks. In this style of writing there are some curves and grow much from the other cursive handwriting styles. It looks very easy and common.
  • Handwriting without Tears:  This style of cursive handwriting is made to simpler the process of handwriting. This style was made by a physiotherapist. In this style of handwriting, letters look like a style of print. They are easily identifiable to the children to learn and read it carefully. The letters in this handwriting style are upstanding, with few multiplies. It is continue flowing writing which is easy for the children who are struggling with their handwriting.
  • D’ Nealian Handwriting:  It is the style of cursive handwriting is the most famous style of the 1980s. It is used in a very general style used in these days.  This style is made to enjoy the typescript of the alphabets. It is a writing that simply joins with the clips or backends on the type of scripts. For this, it is just that the children must be taught this typescript before the cursive writing. It is continuous writing. In this writing, the pencil is never going to lift up while writing the letters and hardly lifted writing a word.
  • Zaner Bloser Handwriting:  This is the style of cursive handwriting it introduces the D’Nealian typescript. After this, the Zaner Bloser handwriting changes its style to absorb the continuing line and simplify the block letters. The letters are written standing towards the right side.

Cursive writing serves an important role in an essay writing so that it looks perfect.


Steps to do Cursive Writing:

Cursive writing involves many steps to make it perfect. Some of the steps for a perfect cursive writing are mentioned below:

  • Step1- Sit on a chair with a table:  While writing a cursive style of handwriting the first and most important step is to sit on a perfect chair and table according to yourself. One should be sure that the table and chair are comfortable and the table must be a little bit above from your thighs. Your feet must be straight on the floor. You should keep your back standing and your shoulders are relaxed. You should not write the cursive handwriting on a table that is too above or too low from your thighs.
  • Step2- Use a Pen or a Pencil with Fine tip:  The second step is to use a perfect pen or pencil for good cursive handwriting. One should use a gel pen for fine writing. You should notice the lines of ink on the paper. You can use a black or blue gel pen it will make it easy for you to see the ink on the paper. If you think you have a need for erasing the letters or words you can also use a pencil. Use a B pencil of triangular shape. So that it will be soft to write on the paper.
  • Step3- Write on a lined paper:  Use a lined paper having dotted lines in its middle or every line. You can use a fine-lined paper used for cursive writing in the schools. It can easily available to you in the normal stores. If you are using plain paper you can check the flow of the cursive writing.
  • Put your paper at an angle:  You are a right-handed person you should notice one thing that the paper will be straight with your nose from the top right side corner and its bottom. You can also use your left hand to hold the paper. Same things should be done if you are left the handed person.
  • Use the hand which does not write:  If you use your hand which does not write it will help you to write equally. You can move your paper according to your writing.
  • Hold a pen or a pencil at an angle of 45 degrees:  While writing cursive in your academic writing this is the most important step as it helps your middle finger to take rest and pen or pencil will be in between your thumb and first finger.


Experts Can Tell How to Write in Cursive?

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