How to Write an Essay

An essay is a type of writing which gives the writer’s own dispute. It can be termed as a short story or an article. An essay can be of two types i.e. Formal and Informal. A formal essay refers to serious topics,  information about an institute or an organization. The informal essay refers to the individual’s interest, personal problems and many more. Essay writings are used as the examinations of normal life, learning of arguments, authors thinking, etc.

An essay can be defined in many ways. One of the defines of an essay can be the writing style of a particular issue deeply.  The essay comes from the french word essayer which means to attempt. Three main facts on which an essay is written are:

  • Unique or a Life story:  A writer is very interested in writing this kind of essays. In these topics, one should reflect the life story of something.
  • Objective:  Writers who write this kind of essay do not say anything directly of their own and turn their point of view towards the others theory or scientific research. It consists of judgment upon something and clearing the end results from the above information.
  • Theoretical:  An essay must be theoretical. Writers involved in these essays are mostly one of them who are having a lot of theoretical knowledge. They always write about the general facts or on a specific topic of research.

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Types of an Essay:

It is very difficult to make an essay writing effectively for your academics. There are a lot of types of essays. To write the different types of essay topics one should consider its different types. The most important types of essays are given below:

  • Story of an essay:  In this type of essay, one should tell a story related to life experiences. As it is a type of story you must be thinking it is very easy to write it but at some point, it also becomes difficult for the writer or students as it may ask them to tell a story related to them. While writing this essay, writers should include the readers in it by writing it as realistic as it is possible. It should be written in the first person i.e, I os included in it which includes the readers automatically while reading it.
  • Expressive:  It is a kind of picture of words. In this essay, a writer can describe a person, place, objects or a special memory. This essay derives a deeper meaning through communication. In this type of essay, a writer has to show everything instead of telling it with the help of different words and skills. The best essay request to the emotions of the reader and ends ups with a highly suggestive result.
  • Explanatory:  An explanatory essay is an informational type of writing that shows the analysis of a particular topic. In this essay, a writer defines a specific topic with the help of facts and examples. It involves a variety of difference like the compare and contrast essays. These essays are written on real facts, not on the basis of emotions. It can not be written emotionally or in the form of a first-person.
  • Convincing:  The main motive of the convincing essay is to convince someone according to the writer’s viewpoint. One should write it on the basis of logical facts, examples, professionals judgment, solid reasoning, etc. While writing this type of essay one should show both sides of an argument. The writer must be communicable and clarify that a specific thing is right.

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How to Write a Good Essay?

Most of the time the students having a question in there mind, “how to write my essay”. For the best essay writing, one should make it in order for its effective presentation. To write a good essay follow the steps listed below:

  • Step1- Choose the Topic:  The first step while writing an essay is the topic. One should choose a specific topic for writing it. It depends on the writer which type of essay he/she is choosing from the different types like:
  • Explanatory
  • Expressive
  • Convincing

Once you are sure about the type of essay you are writing. It will help you to think on a specific topic and making it in the best manner.

  • Step2- Analyze:  One won’t be able to write an essay if they have no idea what should be written in it. It is a method in which you can analyze your essay topic. One should think about the ideas for a specific topic.

You can make a list of ideas you are having in your mind so that you can short them afterward. It can be the best way for the development of a topic.

  • Step3- Research:  It is an important part of essay writing. After analysis of a topic, one should start researching on it. You can search for different sources like the internet, library, etc. Make an order of your research so that you can easily put the sources in your essay.
  • Step4- Outline:  It is a step in which you should outline the topic of your essay. It means that you are making a framework for your writing.

To make an essay perfect it is needing to make its outline and start writing the description of your topic.

  • Step5- Error Detection:  This is the last step of an essay. It provides the final touch to your writing after checking all the errors like grammatical mistakes or spelling mistakes. So that the essay you have written would be perfect.

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