How to Write a Report

A report is a kind of document that shows all the details or information in an ordered manner for a specific topic. Most of the times the summary of a report is given orally but a proper report is always written for a specific topic. It is an important part of academic writing.

A  plays an important role in today’s business development. They work like the back of a process of thinking of the development. They are liable to some extent for inefficient or efficient working conditions.

A report includes many things some of the major facts of a report are given below:

  • A shows sufficient data on different sides of a business.
  • It helps in communicating the experiences and capabilities of the experts.
  • Reports formed from the regulations and maintain equally helps in solving the problems.
  • A report communicated the different plans, strategies and other things related to the business organization.

Types of a Report:

Report writing is of many types but the most common types of reports are eight as given below:

  • Type1- Official or Unofficial:  Official reports are designed sincerely. These reports contain the objectives and organizations, details of an organization and are written in a manner to evaluate the different components. These reports are written for formal things.

Unofficial reports are normally in the form of short messages having natural elements. It uses a normal language. The unofficial reports can also have a description of message in it.

  • Type2- Small or Large:  This type of report is usually very confusing. A  written on one page is considered as very small and a report of more than 10 pages is considered as very long. One should keep in mind while making a large report you should include the formal characteristics more than the informal ones.
  • Type3- Informative or Analytic:  These reports include a lot of information about an organization. These reports are made on a financial, annual and monthly basis to analyze the different areas of an organization. These reports give detail information about an organization’s problems and methods to solve them.

Analytic reports are those that the techniques to solve the problems of an organization. These reports are generally based on scientific researches and real estate problems. These reports analyze the problems and use the best methods to solve them.

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  • Type4- Proposal:  A proposal is a variant of the reports that solve the problems. A proposal is a kind of a document made to detail the needs of one organization to another. A proposal report is generally made the government agencies to meet the requirements. A proposal report shows the requirements and possible providers who made a report of the proposal to tell how they can fulfill the requirement.
  • Type5- Standing or Sideways:  It refers to the direction in which a report is going to travel. Standing reports to those reports that are mostly standing uphill or downhill.

Later reports refer to the collegiality in an organization. This is made in between the same units of an organization. It is most commonly made in the production and financial departments.

  • Type6- Interior or Exterior:  Interior reports are the reports that are made inside of an organization. These reports show the internal problems and solutions for solving them.

Exterior reports are generally made outside of an organization. These reports show the annual conditions of an organization.

  • Type7- Periodical:  Periodical reports are mostly made on a regular basis. They are mostly directed upward and show control of management. These reports include the printed forms and the data generated from computers. These reports are made according to a schedule to check the daily basis requirements and needs of an organization.
  • Type8- Practical:  A practical report includes all the aspects practically in an organization. It includes the account, finance and market reports that all the aspects practically.

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How to Write a Report

There are many types of reports including the business, scientific, research and lab reports. The steps to write a report are similar for any type of report. The steps to write  are mentioned below:

  1. Step1- Decide the references: The first most important step while writing a report is to decide the references. For deciding the references of a particular report you must read the instructions and the information given about the report of a specific topic. Some questions should be answered while writing a report:
  • What is a report about?
  • What is required in the report?
  • Why it is needed?
  • When do I require to do it?
  • Who is it for and who is aiming at it?

These questions will help a person to make the references.

  1. Step2- Choose a Procedure:  The second step of report writing is choosing an efficient procedure for it. It helps the one to plan about the investigation or research made and think that how you are going to write a report. Some questions help you to choose a procedure for your report writing are:
  • What is the needed information for it?
  • Do I need to read the framework?
  • What kind of papers and items are needed?
  • Do I need the help of the librarian?
  • Is there any need to notify people?
  • Recording data is compulsory or not?
  • How I will start this?

Once you answer these questions you will be able to choose a procedure for your report writing.

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  1. Step3- Search about Information:  The third step is to find the information needed for your report. To find sufficient information for a report one should read the material already written, notice the activities done by people and talk to the people to discuss it.

One should make sure that the information they find is sufficient for their report. To make sure that you are going right you should check the requirements and needs and the markings also. If you have any doubts about how the marks will be given to you then you should ask about it from your teacher. The things you find will be the basis and body of your report.

  1. Step4- Decide the Pattern:  Most of the times the pattern of a report is the same but it may have some different details. How it differs depends on :
  • The different types of reports.
  • Formalness of a report.
  • Length of a report.

The pattern of a report depends on the type of report. It includes:

  • Title Page
  • Summary of its Beginning
  • Contents to be included
  • References
  • Structure
  • Discovery
  • End result
  • Recommendation
  • A report has different sections in the form of headings and subheadings.
  1. Step5- Start with the first part:  Once you have done with the pattern start writing the headings and begin with the information you have collected. In this step, one should write about the references, findings, etc.
  • Findings:  Findings are those that you have come after the reading and observing of other details.
  • Continuation: While writing one should check what is written in your report. It should continue after its checking.

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  1. Step6- Analysis of Findings and End Result:  An end result is a place in which you analyze the information you have found from your findings and start writing it. To write the end result one should read the findings again and ask these questions from themselves:
  • What I have found?
  • What is important about the information I have found?
  • What are the suggestions given by my findings?
  1. Step7- Recommendations: Recommendations are the solution to the problems from your own point of view. To take help for what should be recommended read the points given below:
  • Read your end result and findings again and again.
  • One should think about what the person who asked a reporter wants to do or not do.
  • You should check that the recommendation is logical.
  • You should make sure that you are providing enough knowledge for the readers.

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