How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

What is a Letter of Recommendation?

A letter of recommendation is a type of document that classifies the features and ability to approve on which a person’s capability to do a specific task or function put forward. It is also known as a letter of reference or reference.

These types of letters are needed in the terms of employment, for the admission of higher studies in some institutes, scholarships available. A letter of recommendation normally appeals to be written for someone. These letters convey to the person who is requesting it.

Reference letters can also be needed in companies aiming to win deals, specifically in different fields like engineering, consultancies, industries, and construction. It is just like a letter of intent. These letters show a view of public procuring and offers. A letter of reference or recommendation of an organization is used to judge the capability of delivering the needed services.

A letter of recommendation generally related to the person who is recommended by someone in a specific organization or institute. The person who recommends an individual is known as the recommender.

What is the Importance of a Letter of Recommendation?

Generally, letters are important for various reasons in schools and colleges. It helps the organization or institutes to find the expert candidates from the number of students.

A letter of recommendation also shows that what is written in your letter and biodata. It is a kind of personal letter that shows your personality and experiences you have in your life. This kind of letters sometimes reveals things about your own which you may not include or detailed in your letter.

A letter of recommendation can also put a negative impact and reduces the chances of its acceptance. They can make admissions disturbed and unknown about how you are going to react with the teachers and other students.


Types of Letter of Recommendation

There are three important types of letters of recommendation as mentioned below:

  • Academic:  An academic letter of recommendation is a letter written by the students for academics. It is an important part of academic writing. These letters are mostly used in the process of admission in different fields. While taking admissions in a school or college, undergraduate and graduate, likely to see one letter of recommendation or at least two or three letters for each candidate.

A letter of recommendation helps the admission committee in providing the information that may be or may not be found in the college letters. It includes academics and acquirements, references and personal information.

Most students need the recommendation of their professors, principals, coaches and other professionals who are known with the academic experiences. Some of the other recommenders are employers, heads, etc.

  • Employment:  A letter of recommendation is used as an instrument for employment and career opportunities for those who want a new job. These letters of recommendation should be put on some websites, may attach with a resume, used as a folder or send while the interview of employment.

Mostly the persons taking interviews for a specific job asked a minimum of three references from the candidates. So, the candidates must have at least three letters of recommendation for a good job.

In general, a letter of recommendation for employees includes the history of employment, performance in the job, work position, personal achievements and many more. It is a letter recommended by working employers. The other co-employees can also write this letter but it would be best if the employer does this work.

  • Characteristic:  A letter of recommendation for characteristic references is commonly used in the properties, legal condition while adopting a child and many other conditions where the need of a  character is important to understand. Most people this letter of recommendation at some point in their life.

These letters of recommendation are mostly written by old employers, landowners, doctors, etc. The most suitable person who can write this letter of recommendation for a useful purpose.

All the above-mentioned types of letters of recommendation are most commonly used for the college application essay writing services by the students.

Points to Remember While Writing a Letter of Recommendation:

There are a lot of points to be kept in mind while writing this letter. The most important fours points of this letter are mentioned below:

  • Introduction:  It includes a brief introduction about you. Answering the questions about who are you, relationship with the candidates, own experiences and many more. One should remember that the introduction must be in-depth so that it would be easy for the reader to know about you. It helps the readers to know each and everything about your professional life and your work experience in a specific field.
  • Recap:  A recap of the candidates includes the strengths and weaknesses of them. It shows the relationship between the candidates and the employer. Their experiences and many more. It is an important part of a letter of recommendation as it helps the reader to think about you.
  • Personal life:  It includes the major factors of a candidate’s personal life. It shows the quality of the candidates to the interviewers.
  • End sentence:  It includes the answer to a question that why you are recommending a certain candidate. It checks the candidate that he/she is eligible for the opportunity or not.


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