How to Write a Conclusion

A conclusion is the end of the research paper. It can also be the last part of any presentation or project. A conclusion can also be referred to as the final touch in a project. The term conclusion refers to the sentences or paragraphs that an essay, reports, speeches end impressive and informative.

It is also called as the concluding paragraph or the closing of the project or presentation. A conclusion should be lengthy according to the length of the overall text or project.

A conclusion is an important part of academic writing. It usually includes a single paragraph to end a good essay. For the ending of a long project or research paper, a long conclusion is needed it may of several paragraphs.

It is a paragraph that you left for the person who is reading it. It covers the whole thesis or essay written by you. It leaves an impression on its reader that you reached the point where you want to reach. It helps the reader to know that you satisfy the essay truly. It helps the person to have a better ending. It is written in two ways:

  • It’s Pattern:  The conclusion is completely different from the essay introduction. One should know that an introduction starts normally and closed differently. To write a conclusion start it in a different way and make it normal.
  • The pattern of an Essay:  To write an essay we can specify it in a different form. The first part of an essay is the introduction, it can be written as a converted. Secondly, the thesis or essay sentence should be written. After this, the essay body is to be written in a way of a rectangle as it covers the whole page. The third thing is the rewriting of the thesis sentence and after this, the conclusion is finally written in the shape of a triangle.

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Types of Conclusion:

A conclusion can e of many types. It is difficult to find conclusions. The commonly used conclusions are mentioned below:

  • Comparison:  As the name suggests comparison means to compare. This a kind of conclusion that compares the one to the other. It can also do a comparison in a specific topic of conclusion.
  • Causation:  Causation means to effect something. If an action by one person directly affects the other it is considered as the causation effect.
  • Assessments:  It is a type of conclusion in which the person who is arguing gives a topic on something.
  • Recommendation:  It is a conclusion that recommends the one about something. It can be positive and negative. It recommends against a certain topic in its negative form and supports the topic in its positive form.
  • Predictions:  It predicts the arguing person’s point of view for a specific topic that will happen in the future.

How to Write a Good Conclusion:

While writing a conclusion you must keep in mind that you are summarizing what you have written in your research paper. If you want to write a good conclusion paragraph you must think about the important points that you want to write and you should be sure that all the points are included in it. All the points mentioned below should be kept in mind to write a research paper and to make it impressive with the conclusion:

  1. An introduction can be used as an Advice:  While writing a conclusion you can take guidelines from the introductory paragraph you have written. It will help you to write a good conclusion related to your topic and keep you focused on your research paper topic.
  1. If you write a long research paper, for making it a good start by checking all the paragraphs:  You are writing a big research paper then you can write your conclusion on the basis of the paragraphs. It will help you to write a short and effective conclusion keeping all the points of the different paragraphs in a simple way.
  2. End the conclusion by showing different ideas:  The end of the conclusion must be like a happy ending of a movie. It must have an amazing statement on which the reader is forced to think about it.

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Points that Should be Kept in Mind While Writing a Conclusion:

For writing a good conclusion some points are very important to be written in it.

  • A conclusion is the main part of an essay writing.
  • A conclusion must cover the topic in a short way to make it effective for the person who is reading it.
  • The statement of your writing must review the essay written by you.
  • It will help the reader to know that you reach the position where you want to reach.
  • One should not put the same sentence of the essay or thesis it is unnecessary for the reader.
  • Rewrite the sentence of essay or thesis with the help of new words by making no change in its meaning.
  • One should not write any new plan in the conclusion.
  • A conclusion is written by abstracting every paragraph from the thesis.
  • It includes only important points.
  • You must write a sentence for the ending it will put a positive impact on the person who is reading it.
  • The ending of a conclusion must be in the nature of thanking for reading your conclusion.

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