How to Increase Word Count in Essay

When you begin with an essay writing with a lower limit of words. It seems very humiliating when you think that you are done with your essay but there is still a long way to go. However, most of the times the students or writers try to solve this issue with rephrasing, rewriting of words and many more.

The rephrasing and rewriting may increase the word count but at the same time, it makes the essay exhausted. Therefore, it’s not the right way to increase your Essay writing. If you are stuck in such a situation in which you have to increase the word count for your essay writing here is the solution for you. Some of the easy methods are given below to increase the essay word count. It will help you to make your essay effective.

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  • Add on Exemplars:  The first and easy way to increase word count in an essay writing is the adding of exemplars. Sometimes there are some points where you write an example in your essay writing. In such cases where you need to increase the word count in your essay, you can add some additional exemplars. It helps in increasing the word count and your knowledge about a specific topic as well.  You can do it in a way by reviewing the assertions and add on exemplars where it is best suited with the assertions.
  • Label Contrasting Point of Views:  The second and most efficient way to increase your essay word count is the labeling of contrasting points. Add some point of other than your own point of view. You have to talk about how these options are dissimilar to the outcomes you made on your own. It also provides you with a chance to describe why your own outcomes are better rather than another point of. It’ll make maker essay effective and tell the readers that you have considered many points off to come on your own. When you do this technique your word count will increase plus it makes your essay powerful too.
  • Filter Assertions:  While writing an essay you have many assertions in it. For increasing the length of your essay if you are done with the addition of examples. However, they still need to be exceeded then you can do a simple thing. You should clarify your assertions. It can be one by putting one or more particular assertions in the real one.  It’s not important to filter all your assertions to increase the word count. Choose some specific assertions and begin with their clarification. It helps the readers to understand it carefully and increase the word count as well.

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  • Search Extra Origins:  The other technique to make your writing effective is the search for extra origins. It may consider those origins which you have not written previously with your assertions. However, in most of the situations the extra origins you have the more effective your essay will be. To write a quality essay it would be better to spend some of your precious time in search of extra origins. It will improve the quality of your writing and increase the word count of your essay writing too.
  • Utilize Quotes:  If you didn’t mention any quotes in your essay writing. You should utilize the quotations in it to make it more interesting. It will improve the content and obviously increase the word count. If you have mentioned some quotes in it then don’t add more in it. It would look jumbled. So, take care while doing this that the quality of your work won’t compromise in any manner.
  • Redraw the Start and Ending: If you have done all the above techniques to fill your essay. But still, you don’t get the length in it then you can redraw the start and end of your essay too. Most of the times the professors also want a long start and end of an essay writing rather than the other parts. However, you may ignore this as it is difficult to change the start and end of your essay. A silly mistake at the start and end of your essay may lead to its rejection also. But if you have tried all the above things and still want a length then do this option for sure.  These two places will lead to the effectiveness of your essay writing.
  • Counting of Pages:  Sometimes you write an essay having a minimum counting of pages instead of word count. In this case, all the above suggestions will make the pages increase with the word count. One can also increase the page count by adjusting the size of the font. It is a simple method to increase the page count and keeping yourself focused on your essay. This will help you to increase the length of your essay.

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Why is the Increase in Word Count of Essay is Important?

The word count will help you to know about how long or how short you have to write in an essay. The word count is an essay writing matters a lot. It may have two things that should be remembered while writing. If you write it too short then the professor or reader may think that you don’t know about the issue enough or you have misjudged the issue.

On the second thought, if you write very much in your essay. It can lead to an assumption that you are not describing the facts effectively.

The above reasons are very important to make your essay effective. You can’t write too much or too short in your essay writing. You should know the exact word limit of writing it. If you have any queries for writing the exact word count. You can ask your doubts from your instructors they will help you to know the exact limit of words.

Before, writing an essay it’s word limit should be considered. You should know that it has an accurate amount of words. This factor is very important for essay writing. It improves your work quality. It will enhance the leader’s interest in reading it.

Points that should be kept in mind while increasing the word count of essay:

There are many things that should be remembered while writing an essay. Some of the basic points that should be kept in mind while increasing the word count are given below:

  • Construct a Profile:  Before you begin with your writing it is necessary to construct a profile. It will help you to write your essay in an effective manner. It should be designed in the following manner:
  • Introduction
  • Main Body
  • Different Paragraphs
  • End Results

It will improve the quality of your essay and keep you focused on the manner you have to write your essay. You can also consider the instructions in writing your essay that directly consents to your essay.

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  • Obtain in-depth knowledge of Grammar:  The second and most important thing to write an essay is grammatical skills. It includes marks, style, strong grammar and many other aspects of English grammar. One should have a basic knowledge of grammar to writing n essay. It considers the verbs, proper use of articles, pronouns and obvious formation of good sentences. You should know the proper usage of marks too. This will make your essay sounds good. Ignore the usage of unnecessary wordings in your sentences. Make sure that you write in a flow.
  • Usage of Correct Glossary:  While writing an essay for your academics the correct glossary should be used in it. One should remember that in an essay writing you are attracting others towards your writing. It will make them sure about your expertise knowledge and writing. To make the tone of your essay nice you might use some wordings which are big. But while using a big tone word in your essay you must know its exact meaning or you will be risking it. This is the perfect way to write an essay and increase the wording.
  • Recognize the Reasoning:  In the writing of an essay, one should recognize the main reasoning of writing it in their mind. You should stay focused on your argument so that it makes your essay excellence. Try to ask the questions in your essay writing and provide all the solutions to your queries. It can be done with the help of. Just maof.ure that everything you write should clarify your reasoning. Therefore, it will make your essay sounds great and enhance the interest of readers.

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