What Is Expository Essay Structure Writing?

Expository Essay Topics

Expository essay writing means explaining a topic in a legitimate and straight forward way. this kind of writing does not require any bells and whistles. Expository essays present a fair and just analysis of the subject which is based on facts.

An expository essay is easy to recognize because these essay used words like “explain” or “define”. For instance, “Write an essay explaining why setting a goal at an early age is important for every young child.” Look at the question and you will come to know that you are only asked to explain the importance of goal setting at an early age and not an opinion or argument on whether goal setting at an early age is important or not is asked.

This means you have to be straight forward at the time of giving your answer. Nevertheless, this does not mean that expository essay writing is easy. If you need essay assignment help, Australia assignment help is always there to help no matter what the essay topic is.

Get yourself familiar with The Five-Step Process for Expository Writing

Expository essay writing is a craft. Like most of the other types of writing, expository writing is also a daily requirement in most of the fields. If you want to get yourself familiar with the process of expository writing, our expert expository writers have five proven steps of the expository writing process. If you are a University learner in Australia and your subject teacher has asked you to construct an expository essay structure, these writing steps will definitely help you.

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Expository Essay Structure: Definition

Generally, you need to write your essay in 5 paragraphs. First is the introduction paragraph that contains the main idea of the topic. The next three paragraphs contain the body part that talks about the detail in support of the topic. Last is the concluding paragraph that recapitulates the main idea and ties all major points of the essay together.

Below are stated some tips for each part of the essay structure and expository writing process:

  1. Prewriting:-Before actually presenting your essay, a prewriting phase comes. This stage is all about taking time in order to brainstorm about the topic and main ideas related to it. Next is to do some research work on the topic and make notes. After that create an outline presenting all the information you need to mention in each paragraph. Also, organize it in a sequential manner.
  1. Drafting:-Drafting the expository essay is the most important part of your writing. Some suggestions regarding drafting are given below:
  • The topic sentence is the most important sentence of the introduction para in which the thesis statement of the main idea of the essays given. The thesis statement should be clearly defined without giving any opinion.
  • The entire three body paragraph should have a separate main idea for the development of their thesis. In order to support the paragraph, examples and evidence should be included.
  • The concluding paragraph should not state any different ideas; rather it should talk about the main supporting ideas discussed in the above paragraphs.
  • Students are advised to write everything in the third person approach and avoid using “I” or “YOU” sentences because the expository essay discusses an event or situation and not the personal experience of the student.

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  1. Reviewing: Revision of the whole expository essay is important in order to score good marks. At the time of revising the essay, students came to know their mistakes which can be rectified before the final submission. At the times of revision try to keep some points in your mind:
  • Does your essay contain all logical and relevant facts and examples?
  • Has the information you tried to draft is clearly presented to the reader?
  • Find out is there any paragraph that is not talking about the important details of the assignment.
  • Have you followed a variety of sentence structure or not?
  • Have you written the concluding paragraph properly by focusing on the value of the primary supporting ideas?

Hence, by reviewing the essay, you will come to know your silly errors. Consequently, you will be able to rectify your thesis work in order to score good marks in your academics.

  1. Editing: After reviewing and revising the whole assignment, next comes the proofreading part. If you proofread your essay you will be able to correct all the grammatical and mechanics errors. Also, by doing proofreading your essay you will be able to improve your essay writing style. All the formatting errors can also be rectified by proofreading. Missing the proofreading part can reduce your assignment or essay score. If you require cheap assignment helpers in Australia to assist you out in your essay proofreading, contact AustraliaAssignmentHelp.com.
  1. Publishing: After editing comes the publishing part of your essay. Sharing your essay with the readers can be both interesting and fearsome. Make sure, every writer on this earth gets sensitive about his own work. Hence, the most important thing is to learn more and more from the experience and use the feedback in the most effective. Consequently, you can notice a better writing skill every time.

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