Essay Topics

What is an essay?

 An essay is a kind of writing which gives the writer an argument of their own. It overlaps with an article, a paper and a kind of short story. They are mostly used to observe daily life, to recollect something and many more.

An essay can be defined as an important device for which you can say anything about almost everything. It is a short piece of writing. Essay writing is an important part of writing skills. It considers the reflective essay writings also.

  • Things that kept in mind to choose one essay topic that is:
  • To create multiple ideas you have to discuss it with other students.
  • What you think you must write it.
  • Choose a topic from the list of essay topics to discuss on.
  • After selecting a topic start researching on it so that you can have many points to make an essay.
  • Questions that are to be answered while writing an essay:
  • Will you be able to finish the paper on the given time?
  • Will you be able to reach the word count of your topic?
  • Can you get enough sources for your topic?
  • Is that topic you choose to allow you to understand the subject?
  • Is that topic allow you to check your skills efficiently?
  • Are you motivated to write it?

Types of Essay Topics:

There are many types of essay topics. It depends on the uniqueness of the paper. They are divided into many topics as mentioned below:

  1. Argumentative essay topics:  These essay topics are for arguing on something. Some questions that must be answered in the argumentative essay topics are:
  • Are the teenagers forced to go to school or college?
  • Can an “untrue statement” changes life politically and socially?
  • Can a reality show effect society?
  • Can a United State makes the ish as an official language?


  1. Persuasive essay topics:  It is also a kind of argument writing. It involves different reasons to show that one idea is better than another idea. It helps a reader to take action after reading it. It includes the following topics:
  • Is it allowed to use the phone to the students of high school?
  • Is it necessary for an American citizen to complete its year of service?
  • Children, who do crimes can be adults?
  • Compare and links the essay topics.
  1. Cause and Effect essay topics:  It is a method in which a reader comes to the reason or result of a certain action, decision.
  • What is the effect of a vacation on the family?
  • What are the causes of environmental changes?
  • What effects nature?
  • What effects humans have in respect of our planet?
  1. Narrative essay topics:  It is based on the personal experiences of a writer. In this essay topic, one should write about the problem or situation that are faced by him/ her in their personal life.
  • The problem of morality that are troubling you.
  • To tell something about a personal morality situation you had faced.
  • Why a specific uniform is needed to wear in schools?
  • Why toleration is important at a place of work?
  • What are the effects of not voting in an election?


  1. Compare and Contrast essay topics:  It does not essay to compare and contrast an essay topic as you have to show your own skills.
  • A better choice for students: Technological learning or Traditional education?
  • Which Social Networking site is better: Facebook or My Space?
  • Gender Problems: Different mentality of males and females.
  1. Informative essay topics:  It deals with different issues. It may add the value in a paper and force the reader to read it.
  • How to improve Standards of Health in the schools of German.
  • What is the importance of having a democratic government?
  • How can you prevent Air pollution from the industries?
  1. Proposal essay topics:  The main motive of choosing a proposal essay topic is that an idea should come into existence.
  • Is money motivation for working better? How can you have a simple life without thinking about income?
  • Are Religious studies important to be a part of students academics?
  • How the Education system is based on both the teachers and students.

These essay topics are helpful in developing ideas. An essay helps the student to change their ideas of looking about something.

  1. Controversial essay topics:  It has a large number of topics to discuss on. While you choose a topic against the opinion of your teacher may lower your grades, as well as some teachers, are there to support you in the against of the topics. Some topics are:
  • Role of a teacher in child abuse.
  • Global Warming is Real or Not?
  • Things that change a computer game to create violence.
  • Is it necessary to have vaccinations for admission to a public school?
  • Essay types from the point of view of education:

  1. Middle school essay topics:  The students of middle schools find it very difficult to make a choice in the essay topic. Some topics which can help you are:
  • Being a Politician is an Art or Talent?
  • Is communication important in social networks for the modern world?
  • Will youtube delete the bad language comments?
  1. High school essay topics:  These topics to impress the teacher and other readers. Some of them are mentioned below:
  • Benefits and Drawbacks of Globalization.
  • Benefits and Drawbacks of studying in a single-sex school.
  • System of education in India.

The essay writing services are very helpful to write an easy and impressive essay on a particular topic. The topics help you to write an essay in a different way so, that it can put a positive impact on its reader.

An effective essay can be written by choosing the best topic and putting your best efforts into it. A choice of the essay topic is a must and you should keep in mind that you are choosing a topic on which you can write almost everything in its favor and against it.

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